Excuse Me, Can You Help Me Exhume My Creativity?

It’s time we had a chat.

Won’t you come over and sit by me?

We can sit on the porch swing and have a cup of coffee.

There’s something innately wrong with sitting on the porch swing with a cup of coffee and chatting to yourself so I’m gonna need some company.

These coffee chats we have are my way of sharing a little more of myself with you than just my passion for decor. It’s a look inside what makes me who I am and very often drives my creativity.

I’ll be honest, lately that drive has been in need of a good mechanic. There has been some banging and clacking and definite grinding of the gears. In some cases there has been no driving at all. The “creativity car” won’t even start. That’s a bit scary and definitely unusual for someone like me.

I’m the person who is ahead of the game. Dreaming of the next season and how I’m going to decorate for it while still putting out the decor for the current season. Planning DIY project 9,557,863 while working on 7 other projects at the same time.

It’s what makes a rough day okay for me.

It’s the “wind beneath my wings” so to speak.

Looking around at all the things I’ve done and made and put a piece of myself into all around my home makes me feel calm and peaceful and just a little more okay when I feel like I’ve completely failed in some other area of my life. Like being a mom some days. We all have those days.

Well ever since I gave my heart to an amazing 1906 Farmhouse several months ago only to lose it recently due to circumstances beyond my control (I never like it when that happens), I’ve struggled with motivation.


Plain old gumption.

I still have lots of boxes left to unpack staring me in the face every time I walk into my garage to grab a tool. Maybe I should think about moving the tools. 😀

I’m working hard to let go of what was apparently not meant to be after all, and to live in the present. To do what I can with the home that I have and make the most of it.

I started unpacking a lot more boxes this week and I refinished an adorable little French Buffet. That started to get me to thinking about some other projects I MIGHT want to think about getting around to. Like finishing #5 on my list of nagging projects.

Then I read some great blog posts from my favorite blogger, KariAnne over at Thistlewood Farms and she got me feeling a little spark of excitement and creativity. Trust her to be able to do that!

And last but definitely not least, I had a really good chat with my sweet friend Emily from Le Cultivateur and we started planning some amazing blog posts coming soon that we are going to work on together. You’re definitely going to want to catch those!

All this to say one thing – if you are feeling like your creativity is dead and buried right now, like you have no motivation, like you could care less whether you did another DIY project or finished another thing ever again – YOU ARE NOT ALONE! All of us have those times for one reason or another.

Maybe some of the things that have helped me to start feeling signs of life will work for you too. Maybe they won’t. Either way, don’t despair. Something will trigger that spark of creativity in you again and you will be back better than ever.

Until next time…..

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  • Cindy

    Great post. Right now for me I have many projects going at once. Waiting for pieces to finish two. Waiting for pieces to finish feels like watching paint dry. In reality hasn’t been that long of a wait.

    Projects are my mojo. Not having the physical ability to do things for three years due to my MS. Being given back the ability makes me over extend at times. I vowed to not take all the positive ou f my health for granted.

    You are fortunate to have support in Emily. Truth, something I have looked for since beginning my blogging journey. Unfortunately it never happened and something I expected. I’m real and true and this has caused self doubt at times.


    • stilettosandshiplap

      I am so happy to have met you through blogging, Cindy. You are a treasure and I love your projects. So very happy for you that you are able to work on them at present and I know all about trying to be patient! I’m not that good at it either. I know all too well about self doubt! It’s very real and very persistent. Thanks for all your constant support and kindness, dear friend.

  • Jan Taylor

    You are so creative. Love all your posts. You are one of my favorite bloggers. Keep up sharing your great projects.

    • stilettosandshiplap

      You are the sweetest to say that! Thank you! It’s people like you that makes blogging so much fun for us. Thanks for stopping by.

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