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5 On Friday: Our 5 Most Nagging Unfinished Projects

Do any of you leave projects half finished and then move on to something else? Probably not. That’s just me, right?

So I’m the only one that takes pictures to share that won’t show the ugly bits?


Okay seriously!

All of us have some areas or some individual things we’d rather not show or discuss and Emily from Le Cultivateur and I are going to show you 5 things today that we have been putting off and not dealing with or finishing.

That stops today. Y’all are our witnesses.

This is our official To Do list.

As we complete these projects we will take you along and show you them. Then maybe we can stop cropping out choice bits of our photos 🙂

Here is my list:

#1 Open Kitchen Cabinet

A beautiful backdrop for some of my Ironstone.

I decided that I’d like some open cabinetry. Great! I grabbed my trusty drill and whipped off the doors.

Next I grabbed a can of Bullseye 123 Primer and primed the inside of the cabinet and shelves.

The end.

I’m serious! It has stayed that way for a while now. Let’s not talk numbers, mkay?

Clearly this isn’t necessary and I just need to finish it already!

Do you love the photo? It was the first day that we have had sun in over 362 days and I wanted to document it as proof.

#2 Dining Room Chandelier

What do you do when the room you make a dining room, doesn’t have a ceiling light at all?

Well you get creative of course. When the electricians quote you an obscene amount of money to wire in a ceiling light and patch all the drywall, you buy a lovely chandelier, wire it to a super long swag lamp kit and hang it from a hook in the ceiling.

After all you already have switch operated plugs in this room.

Its the perfect solution except for the hole you have in your ceiling from searching for the ceiling joist to hang the chandelier from.

Oh well! That’s what ceiling medallions were truly invented for, right? Exactly!

Just a little extra venting. Who needs to take pictures of ceilings anyways?

The problem is, this designer has yet to find the perfect ceiling medallion (and let’s face it, she has sort of forgotten to be looking) and meanwhile she suddenly decided it would be fun to remove the shades that were on the chandelier and replace the bulbs with candelabra bulbs instead.

You may have noticed I haven’t replaced the bulbs yet and haven’t fixed the ceiling hole or gotten the medallion.

Oh dear. I thought nobody noticed that!

Of course enough time has passed that I may or may not have come up with another couple ideas while I was thinking about finishing what I started. Good thing I only spent $40 on the chandelier so far.

#3 Powder Room

My partially completed elevator shaft

Okay in fairness, this hasn’t been completely torn apart for very long but it has been ugly enough that I haven’t shared it ever since I started blogging and moved into this house.

Therefore my Powder Room has made it onto this list.

It recently has begun some rather major changes but those have also stalled.

I’m not sure what it is about it. Perhaps it’s resemblance to an elevator shaft?

Anyways I keep getting sidetracked and starting other projects in spite of how much I do truly want this Powder Room pretty probably for the first time in its entire life.

#4 Damaged Dining Room Table

Can you see the damage from here? No?

Yes, you read that correctly.

You are probably remembering having read my blog post on refinishing my dining room table.

Did you also read that I have 5 kids?

One of them moonlights as a tornado.

After my dining room set sat unfinished and then partially finished for a couple years, I finally finished it and I was so proud of myself.

Then within the first couple weeks my child decided to poke a pin in my balloon.

I mean doesn’t everyone take paint off furniture when they’re bored?

How about now?

Because I had just put all that work into refinishing the whole set I honestly didn’t have the heart to fix it.

Consequently ever since I have had to cover it with plates, placemats, various angles, leaves and other creative methods.

It’s time to fix it.

#5 Laundry Nook

I say “nook” because it hasn’t earned the right to be called a laundry “room”.

It is literally an indentation in the wall large enough to shove a washer and dryer so you don’t trip over them as you walk inside from the garage and pass through into the living room.

I believe the conversation between the builder and his sidekick went something like this:

“Hey Joe!”


“We forgot a laundry”

“Oh *@%((*& ! Now what? Do we really need to put one in?”

“I dunno. Let me call the wife.”

(A short time later…._

“She say’s we’re idiots Joe and we gotta put in a laundry. What are we gonna do? We got no place left to put one.”

“Aw come on, Mack. There’s gotta be some place. We don’t need much room. Those machines aren’t that big, are they? What about right here?” (Joe jabs at the blue prints)

“Naw that won’t work, Joe. That’s outside on the front porch. But what about maybe here? We wouldn’t need all this space to walk in. Let’s just bust open this wall and shove some pipes in there for the machines.”

“Sounds good to me, Mack. Let’s do it! There’s already pipes there for that bathroom anyways so that’ll be easy and won’t cost much at all. I like it!”

My laundry nook, off the garage.

I started to come up with some plans to at least make it a bit pretty and got as far as removing a cabinet off the wall that was perched so high I couldn’t reach it without a ladder ( I’m actually not kidding this time).

It has stalled ever since.

I can’t make it bigger.

I can’t change it’s location.

I can’t make it do my laundry automatically without me being there.

But I know I can make it pretty!

The End…

I hope you’ve been entertained.

I hope you feel like we are right there with you and realize now that we have some of those ugly little secrets too.

I hope you are just as excited as we are about seeing the finished results as we check them off our lists one by one!

Now for Emily’s list of 5:

Emily at Le Cultivateur

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

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  1. Darlene says:

    Love your rant, we all have those little projects that get put on hold. We have a bathroom fan switch that sounds like a threshing machine when you put it on. Grandson has promised to change the switch for us this weekend. Hopefully all your projects eventually get done. It is an never ending battle.

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Yes! I know everyone can relate to this list and to be honest I could have listed a lot more than 5 things but these are some of the dumbest things to be sitting around not done! I hope you get your fan switch fixed before I get the first of my items on this list done! lol

  2. Emily says:

    I can hardly wait to see these projects after you put your touch to them! They’re sure to be amazing!!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      I am honestly anxious to finally get them finished now that we’ve shared out list.

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  4. […] 5 On Friday: Our 5 Most Nagging Unfinished Projects […]

  5. […] 5 On Friday: Our 5 Most Nagging Unfinished Projects […]

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