Finding Fall: Subtle Fall Mantel Decor

If you read the title of this blog post and immediately thought NO WAY! I’m NOT ready for fall decor yet…..

Just wait!

Give me a couple minutes of your time, okay?

You see I’m not exactly ready for fall decor yet either. I’m still enjoying the very hot weather (okay some days “enjoying” might be stretching it a little) and while I adore fall and everything that comes with it, I know that when it’s fall I will blink twice and it will be winter.

Winter is the thing I have a bit of an issue with. I like some aspects of winter.

Like Christmas.

Okay that’s it.

Anyways, regardless of what I feel ready for, Mother Nature has made up her mind that it’s nearly time. I see it every day even when I try not to look. The vibrant flowers that aren’t blooming anymore. The leaves on my dogwood tree that are beginning to turn. The geese flying over in a V formation last night, clearly practicing.

Okay fall. I hear you!

What if I said we can add some fall touches into our homes without going straight to pumpkins and colorful leaves everywhere?

I’ve shown you some ideas along those lines before. Like my post last year “As The Leaves Turn…” where I showed some ideas of how to add some fall color and vibes using natural things you can find outside this time of year.

We talked about throw pillows and cozy blankets and adorable chrysanthemums and copper and goldenrod and seed pods and…

Isn’t it amazing how something as simple as the cover of a book can give you the cozy feeling of fall depending on it’s color? I just love color….

This year I chose some branches of greenery with just the lightest hint of color at the tips and some wheat that I picked from the very edge of a recently harvested field.

I almost always add books for interest, the cozy factor, color and height. They make the best decor risers!

A cupcake stand also works to make a statement and raise something a little for interest. I also added the acorn wreath that I made last year, to my layered frames for a little whimsy.

And so there you have my super simple, super easy, hints of fall mantel decor. I’ve also started to throw around the odd cozy blanket here and there for a splash of color and fall feels. We definitely won’t be using any of these cozy blankets any time soon but it creates a nice atmosphere for now.

Now if you need a little more inspiration before you starting adding a touch of fall to YOUR home, I have just what you need! My sweet friend Emily is someone who inspires me DAILY! I often just scroll her Instagram feed or her blog when I need to get the creative juices flowing. I just know you are gonna love what she does to add some subtle fall touches to her mantel.

Simply click the photo below….

Until next time, y’all…

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