Fabulous French Buffet

I’ve been looking for specific pieces of furniture off and on for several years now. As y’all know I prefer to get solid used pieces or antiques and refinish them if necessary rather than buy new and either pay a small fortune for solid wood or wind up with cheap pressboard garbage that won’t last as long as a snowball in a hot place!

Keeping in mind that I have very specific size requirements for several of the pieces due to the lack of any walls (open concept) and adding in my love of ornate french details, its not easy to find used pieces in the area in which I live. It’s just not the style that is preferred or even hardly ever seen around here.

All that being said, when I found this small little buffet on Facebook Marketplace last week with its detailing and very sensible price, I about swooned and contacted the seller so fast I could barely text straight!

Isn’t it amazing? The previous owner had already painted its original dark wood at some point and to be honest at first glance it looked pretty good and I’m sure there are many who think I it was fine as it was and that I should have just left well enough alone but I’m not very good at leaving well enough alone.

Have we met?

Then you already know this about me.

Besides, from the moment I first laid eyes on this piece I knew it was the perfect thing to pair with my french style mirrored shelf. It doesn’t work in it’s current finish though and needed to be a creamier tone to compliment the shelf.

Enter Waverly Chalk Paint in Ivory.

Here she is after one coat of the ivory chalk paint. I chose to keep the detailing fairly distressed so that it would really stand out and added some dry brushing to the hardware as well so that it blended in a little better with the piece making it almost look more like carved detailing than metal hardware plates.

Two coats later and some of my favorite finishing wax for a lovely smooth finish and I think this is the perfect piece to add to my home.

Best of all it contains the drawer at the top which is lined with velvet to hold silver pieces and inside the doors are two more large drawers for my table linens.

I’m madly in love with this darling french style buffet and can’t wait to find more pieces to add to my home. I think it looks like it was always meant to be with the mirrored shelf. It’s going to be such fun to style the top on this piece as well so its a win all the way around!

Furthermore it has solidified something else in my mind that I have been considering for quite some time. My kitchen needs a MAJOR change that I have been putting off but I can’t procrastinate much longer. So basically this little buffet is to blame for my upcoming kitchen reno.

Or at least that is what I will tell The MR.

Until next time….

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  • Cindy

    I totally agree with your decision based on the pretty piece above. It blends together now and love the cabinet.

    I’m working on a French armoire now with big plans and waiting for finishing additions.


    • stilettosandshiplap

      Oh Cindy! I can’t wait to see pictures of this french armoire you are working on. I bet it’s going to be amazing. I sure hope you will share….

  • Em

    Liked the before picture but LOVE the re-loved finish You are correct the two pieces do look as if they.re meant to be

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thank you so much, sweet friend! I knew it was destiny the moment I laid eyes on the buffet. It was the shelfs long lost relative and it was time to reunite them! 😀

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