As The Leaves Turn…

I’m trying to pretend they aren’t actually.

I’m trying to pretend I didn’t see geese flying overhead the other day practicing their migration patterns.

I’m trying to pretend summer is going to last at least a couple more months.

It’s not that I don’t like fall. I love it in fact. Its what comes AFTER fall that I’m not that fond of.

Don’t get me wrong, I love parts of that too. Just not all of it. And I’m sort of blaming fall for being the messenger of what’s coming.

Last year we had a green Christmas and basically no winter at all. In fact my perennials starting coming up in January and the trees started budding.

Then we had February.

And that lasted for an eternity.

And it was absolutely horrible.

I lost several of my favorite perennials and I’m still sulking.

Walking into stores and seeing fall exploding everywhere (and even Christmas in some stores – yes I’m talking about you Hobby Lobby) is making me come to the conclusion that like it or not, I need to get with the program. I can either embrace it or I can pretend it isn’t happening and put my head in the sand like an ostrich and either way winter will still come at some point.

That being said, with the temperatures still in the 90’s most days, I’m not about to put out all the things. I like to start slowly. I like to let nature inspire my decor. Okay I admit sometimes I push nature along a little but you get my point.

So what am I doing around my home these days to transition to fall slowly from all the summer things? I’m so glad you asked. Come on in and let’s grab a fresh cup of coffee while I show you around.

I took my kids out for a walk yesterday and we came home with arms full of this beautiful goldenrod, some grasses and some delicious blackberries. Unfortunately the blackberries were gone long before I was able to get my camera out and take any photos of them (and so was all the cream for my coffee 😀 ) but at least they didn’t eat the goldenrod!

Okay so I know most people would consider these as pesky weeds and never bring them inside. Yes, they are very prickly and not the most fun to cut and work with but I happen to think they are so fun looking and so fall looking! All I did was switch out my previous “weeds” for these in my milk glass vases and voila! Instant fall feels.

The velvet of the wingback chair and the color of it already lends itself to being cozy for fall but a soft throw and pumpkin pillow are the perfect additions for cuddling up by the fireplace with a good book. Anything that’s soft and cozy gives you the “transitioning to fall” feeling without having to be overt. I just used this pillow with its pumpkins because it was a gift I had just received and I was anxious to enjoy it for as long as possible.

I added some white sunflowers to the arrangement in my ironstone coffeepot. Switching out the type of flower you use can be a great way to change the feel of an arrangement. For example if I put white tulips in here it clearly wouldn’t feel like fall, it would feel like spring even thought it would still be a white arrangement.

Fruits or vegetables is another great way to add the feeling of a season. Apples are in season in the fall so they automatically make you think of a crisp fall day, colorful leaves, juicy apples, hot apple cider….

Once again, throw pillows. Just changing out some throw pillows is such an easy and quick way to make a room feel completely different. Pairing some pumpkins with floral pillows here keeps some summer feels in with the fall sneaking in. The perfect blend.

The table is the obvious place to add some fall feels to your dining room if you aren’t ready to make it look like fall exploded in your house.

Some simple wildflower arrangements and some candles is all I put on this tablescape.

The goldenrod is in some of my Ball jars that I love to use for flowers.

To me, burlap is also perfect for fall so I set the table with my favorite cream colored pleated burlap table runner from Michelle at One Blessed Acre Farm.

I added some candle rings to my tapers that have some tiny pinecones and just a hint of sparkle.

Using warm metals is always a wonderful way to add a fall feeling. Here I simply used a copper napkin ring and tucked in one of my “weeds” and you have a simple fall place setting.

Some dried grasses on top of the bookcase and my copper pumpkin on a shelf is all I added to this area. For now.

It’s another one of those situations where I just had to put it out on the early side so I can see it for as long as possible because……copper…..

A very light hand is the key for transitioning, in my opinion. That leaves lots of room to add a little at a time.

This tiny garden mum can be planted outside as well, if desired.

Keeping it simple in the kitchen. For now…..

A placemat in the shape of a fall leaf, a vintage blue glass canning jar and some goldenrod. I don’t think any more needs to be added to this simple but vibrant table centerpiece.

I like my kitchen to be a place where everyone likes to gather and honestly it is. It is actually hard to keep it tidy because the kids are always pulled up to this counter hanging out and leaving everything all over. They even prefer playing here than in their rooms. I guess I succeeded.

Well that’s all for today. Let’s warm up our coffee and have a chat at my kitchen counter. Maybe next time I will show y’all how I add seasonal touches to some of the other rooms in my home as well like bathrooms and bedrooms.

Emily from Le Cultivateur

If you would still like some more inspiration for transitioning from summer to fall decor, why not head over and check out Emily’s blog post on the same subject. Emily always has such beautiful style and such wonderful ideas! I mean, just look at these pictures!

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  • Emily

    Tara, I love every bit of early fall decor that you have added to your home!! I’m completely swooning over your new piece of furniture, with your beautiful mirrored shelf above!! Stunning!!!
    Loving all of these ideas!!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Yes I love that piece too! Now I just need to find more like that and fill up my poor empty living room. I don’t believe in filling it with things that aren’t what I like so it’s rather forlorn and empty and the kids are always complaining that there aren’t enough places to sit! haha

  • Cindy

    Tara everything looks wonderful. The Goldenrod adds a pretty touch.

    I mentioned to Emily it’s too soon for me to bring out early fall. My brain can’t do it at this moment with it being unbelievable humid and hot.

    I unlike most love the colder weather. Not snow so much but I love cold. Weird right?

    Enjoy your weekend

    • stilettosandshiplap

      I am also struggling with the concept that I need to get my fall decor going to share ideas on my blog since it’s still hot and very much summer outside. However, once I get the creative juices flowing then I’m off to the races, as a rule. You’ll probably see an explosion of pumpkins all over my blog before you know it now. lol

  • Michelle

    You amaze me. Everything you did is absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the goldenrod and we have a ton of that around us. I’m going to look at weeds with a new light now!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Awwww so sweet of you to say, Michelle. Just go for walks out in nature and let it guide you for your “transition decor”. Look at all those things with new eyes. Like my prickly thistle things. I love those and how they look especially in the milk glass vases yet they are considered pesky weeds, not even wildflowers. You know? I’m sure you have so many pretty flowers and grasses around you that you could use. Hanging them upside down to dry can be a great idea for some of the flowers as well so you have them last for weeks or months (or sometimes years) rather than the short time that fresh flowers last. They look great as decor hanging upside down too while they dry! lol

  • Julie Briones

    So many lovely fall decor tips! Love those milk glass vases! So happy to see you at Tuesday Turn About, Tara!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thanks so much, Julie. Yes, I have a new obsession that I’m starting to collect. Just what I needed! lol

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Doesn’t it just seem like such a fall thing especially? Thanks so much for the feature. I am truly honored!

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