Clearance Challenge: Tea Time

Would you like a cup of tea? Maybe some coffee instead? Why don’t you pull up a chair and we can have us a little visit?

I’ve got a secret to tell you.

I sort of have a thing for teapots.

I’m starting to gather enough of them around my home that I think it’s gone beyond the normal amount and now must be considered another collection.

I mean, they’re just so cute and whether you use them for their intended purpose or in a myriad of other ways, they’re just so warm and inviting. They immediately evoke the feeling of family and cozy gatherings. Cool, crisp fall days and downright cold winter mornings.

I wasn’t intentionally looking for another teapot when I went shopping for this month’s Clearance Challenge but it found me anyways.

I swear I was actually looking for a laundry hamper for one of my kids bedrooms and as I rounded the corner, something caught my eye on the end of an aisle several rows away. It caught my eye from so far away that I can only imagine it must have been signaling somehow. Waving like an air traffic controller.

It just so happened that it was on a Clearance shelf too so I had to take a closer look. I mean, it would have been a big mistake not to since I needed something for the challenge. 😀

To make a rather long story short, I ended up falling madly in love with a darling little white teapot which was being sold for a mere $3 all because it’s lid had been broken. Who needs a lid anyways?

It has taken up residence here, in my open cabinet, since I brought it home. It made fast friends with my copper teapot and looks stunning with a little lavender.

As I mentioned before, however, there are endless possibilities as to how it can be styled and where I can put it all around my home. You can be sure I will be moving it from spot to spot on a regular basis.

As I was saying, who needs a lid?

Vintage books make everything just a little bit cuter….

Fellow Participants

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