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Checking Off My Checklist: Project #4

I can’t believe I’m almost done my list of projects that Emily (Le Cultivateur) and I shared with you some months ago now. After this one there is only one left and it will likely take me a little longer to get it finished since it is a larger scale project.

I’ve already finished my open cabinet, refinished my dining room table for the 2nd time, finished my Powder Room makeover and now I’m ready to show you project #4!

Do you recall the saga of my very dark dining room? I showed a detailed before and after in my blog post titled Dungeons And Dining Tables, in case you missed that. Basically it was not originally designed to be a dining room and as such, had no overhead lighting. At all. It was dark as pitch in there with just a floor lamp which was operated by a light switch.

Inviting, isn’t it? So if you’ve followed along you will know that I got a quote to have an electrician wire a ceiling light for me and it was insane so I decided to fix the lighting problem myself. The way I do most things! lol

I bought a lovely chandelier, wired it to a very long lamp cord and hung it from the ceiling, plugging it in to the plug that was activated by the light switch across the room. This allows me to turn the ceiling light on and off with the switch, and I’ve not had to rip out any drywall or pay very large amounts of money to get a ceiling light wired up.

Sure I have a chain hanging across my ceiling but I can live with that. The chandelier cost me only $40 and that’s much more palatable 😀

The issue I was left with, that caused this little trick to get put on my nagging unfinished projects list, was that in order to find a ceiling joist to hang the heavy chandelier from, we had to make a small hole in the drywall. After I finished hanging the light and all I just never got around to patching that thanks to the textured ceiling.

I planned to put a ceiling medallion in place to cover where I patched the hole, thus not needing to blend in texture, but after looking for months and months I sort of forgot about it. Either the size of the medallion was wrong, the style, or the price. I got into the habit of taking pictures of my dining room in which I cropped out my ceiling!

So how did I eventually fix it? Well in my usual style I got a bit creative! I had this wooden wall hanging that I had purchased from Hobby Lobby on Clearance at one point. I had painted it white and added bits of gold to it and hung it on my wall but one day it caught my eye and I got to thinking……

I patched the hole with some mesh and drywall mud, sanded and primed. With a little bit of cutting I was able to remove a small piece of the center of the wooden wall hanging in order to fit the hook that the chandelier hangs from.

I put some construction adhesive on the back of the piece to help secure it to the ceiling and used my nail gun to fasten it into place.

And here we have the finished product! All fixed and ready to take normal pictures without having to crop out bits to hide the hole anymore. Another success story in my opinion!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Lets run over and see what Emily was able to finish off her list of projects.

Le Cultivateur
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  1. Emily says:

    Looks amazing!! Such a difference a beautiful chandelier can make to a space!!! Love it!!!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Certainly makes things a whole lot brighter in this space, that’s for sure and now I can photograph the room without paying so much attention to the angle or cropping out the ceiling hole! lol It’s nice to have it done and silly that it took me so long to patch such a small hole and finish such a small projects.

  2. Tara, fantastic outcome and there’s not much better than free. This piece adds character to your ceiling.

    Enjoy your weekend


    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      My thinking exactly! Why not use something you already have, right?

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