French Vintage Friday: Turkish Coffee Pot

So Emily and I are doing this new thing on Fridays. Did you notice?
You did?
That’s awesome!

Every Friday we are going to share some little thing with you that might be a little French or it might be a little vintage or it just might be a little bit of both!

We’ll give you a link to get one of your own or something like it if we can too!

Are you ready?

Any idea what this is?

Some call it a vintage melting pot for melting cheese or chocolate and such. Almost like a modern fondue pot I guess only you would pour it not dip into it.

You can find some that look nearly identical to mine on Etsy too.

I wasn’t completely convinced however and so I did a little more research. It seemed to me that it had something to do with coffee or maybe I just wanted it to.

And then I found it!

Most commonly made of copper, they are Turkish coffee pots!

It’s not a joke. I’m completely serious. Google it.

So apparently they put the coffee grounds, which are ground much more finely than what we are used to, and their sugar, into this little coffee pot and stir it together. They bring it to a boil and while doing so a foam starts to build on the top. When they pour it into the tiny Turkish coffee cups, they must spoon some of the foam onto the top of the cups of coffee as well.

The coffee is always served with some water to cleanse the palette and some sweets – Turkish Delights, chocolates or some other candy.

They even have a tradition of who prepares and serves the coffee (the youngest daughter of the house) and who is served their coffee first (the eldest guest). To them it’s an occasion, not just something that carelessly tossed into a giant mug and sloshed down without a thought.

From what I gather the coffee is also very strong. Almost more like an espresso.

As I mentioned they are most often made of copper but occasionally brass which mine is. It sure makes me curious as to who previously owned mine and how THEY used it.

I’m not sure I will ever have Turkish coffee but it sure is fun to look at it with all its little dents and patina and it looks darling with little flowers in it, don’t you think?

If you’d like to buy a brand new one of your own, you can click the photo above. This one even comes with a little packet of Turkish coffee!

Now I can’t wait to go see what Emily has to share with us this week.

Emily, Le Cultivateur

See you next Friday!


    • stilettosandshiplap

      Yes exactly! I doubt I’ll use it for its intended purpose because even though I am a coffee drinker I don’t do super strong espresso type drinks. But for decor? Yes please!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thanks Emily! I’m so excited too! I’m already anxious to see what you’re gonna share next Friday ?

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