Checking Off My Checklist: Project #2

Can you believe it? Here we are already checking off #2! How exciting is this?

I will admit – I’m a little proud of myself. Not that it was a difficult project by any means. The ones we put off the longest often aren’t.

I’d like to say it was a tricky one because I had to find something that was extremely hard to find. Maybe some vintage or antique item that needed to be matched or a reproduction replacement found. Unfortunately that would be a lie.

All I needed was paint and a paintbrush.

I already had both.

Remember the original list Emily and I shared with you on our blog post 5 On Friday: Our 5 Most Nagging Unfinished Projects ?

You might recall this sweet looking specimen from that post. Yup!

Let’s just say I suddenly got an urge for an open cabinet, removed the doors, primed the inside and there it sat.

Time for that to be a thing of the past.

I know, right? What a difference 2 coats of paint makes?

Yup, I’d be ashamed of myself if I wasn’t so proud of myself right now 😀

It’s fairly empty right now because I’m enjoying just styling it slowly with specific items as they feel right for the space and mostly this is for my ironstone.

Perhaps I should confess now that I have a habit of using my ironstone in random places around my home as part of my decor so sometimes this cabinet has a lot of empty places.

And then there is the lesson I’m trying to teach my kids that you don’t get things unless you have a spot for them so I kind of needed an empty spot so I can seriously collect more ironstone.

See what I did there? And you thought I was just doing some spring cleaning?

Okay before I share all my tricks at once, let’s go see what Emily got to check off her list this week!

Emily at Le Cultivateur

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