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Checking Off My Checklist: Project #1

If you’re wondering what checklist I am referring to, then perhaps you didn’t read my blog post last week 5 On Friday: Our 5 Most Nagging Unfinished Projects.

If you didn’t – I think you’re going to want to hop over and do just that before you finish reading this one! It will make a lot more sense…

If you already did then you know I am keeping my promise. I am working like a crazy person over here to get those 5 unfinished projects completed.

Not just because I promised, although that’s part of the reason.

Want to know the other reason?

I have a new project I’m dying to start.

Okay maybe more than one…..

Okay back on track!

Remember how nicely my thoughtful child assisted with the distressing of my newly refinished dining room table? When it was newly refinished….

Time to stop hiding this spot with strategically placed decor and plates and things or angles in which I take my photos.

Voila! Okay y’all know I couldn’t do it exactly the same as I had done the top before.

How much fun would that have been?

Using the same method as I used for the hand lettered sign, I chalk painted the top using Waverly Chalk Paint in Ivory and Mineral. Obviously I didn’t use such a tiny brush or such tiny bottles of chalk paint for this project!

See? No more big ugly spot!

Totally gone!

I decided to use wax on top of the chalk paint and am applying quite a few coats until it is well protected and smooth as silk. I will apply a new coat of wax every few months since this table sees a lot of traffic.

I didn’t change anything else about the rest of the set because everything else is holding up fine. Since I used ivory with the mineral color on the table top, the creamy color on the legs and skirt of the table still look just fine.

I’m not entirely sure what I will do with all the free time this will give me when I can just set the table and snap a picture without giving any thought to how I will arrange it to cover the spot or how I will stand to make sure it doesn’t show.

Perhaps I’m going to have to take up a new hobby.

Maybe I will have to start refinishing furniture for other people so they can see just how exciting this feels.

The most exciting thing was getting to put that check mark on project #1 though!

One step closer to my new project. I can’t wait to share that.

It may or may not start with the word “deconstructed”.

Let’s pop on over to Emily’s now and see if she was successful with completing project #1.

Emily from LeCultivateur
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  1. So glad you have finished this project! I have to strategically hide my fireplace where we redid the tile and need to repaint. Now you are motivating me to finish!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Oh good! So glad to hear that! There are lots of different ways to motivate others.

  2. Tara, your table looks amazing!! I am so excited that we have completely our first project on our list. Just four more to go!!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thanks, Emily! I couldn’t agree more. I’m very happy to have project #1 finished and just in time for our spring tablescape blog post, I might add.

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