No Matter How Long The Winter, Spring Is Sure To Follow.

It’s time to go all out for spring inside my home.

I can’t wait another day.

Mother Nature can do her thing outside and I will just close the blinds and be oblivious if necessary.

That said, Emily over at Le Cultivatuer and I are going to start with our mantle decor and what better place to start than with some DIYs?

We will show you what has been stewing in our little heads for a few weeks now. I have so many ideas I would need a mantle in every room to hold them all and alas I only have two. I guess I will have to choose just a few.

I immediately knew I wanted to start with terra cotta pots and I knew they would not be left in their natural state. I have done lots of different things to Terra Cotta pots in the past but to give full credit where credit is due, new ideas have been floating thru my head since I saw Emily’s 5 on Friday blog post showing her gorgeous pots that she chalk painted and rinsed with water to make them look really weathered.

That was my plan originally but it adjusted a little as I made further plans. I will explain as I go.

I took some Waverly chalk paint in Ivory and watered it down quite a bit so it was more of just a wash. I painted it on until it was fairly opaque and let it dry almost totally.

I painted some of them more solidly than others, on purpose. I wanted them all to look a little different.

I decided to stencil letters on the pots and because I decided to use gold letters, I didn’t want to wash off nearly as much of the paint as Emily had done on her gorgeous pots or the gold wouldn’t show up.

I did make each pot a little different than the next. The example above I dry brushed some aqua craft paint onto.

Once the pots had dried completely, I put a small piece of floral foam in the bottom, stuck some spring flowers in them and put some moss over the floral foam.

Then comes the fun part!

The sky is the limit on how you can arrange these. You could line them all up in a row.

Or use different items to place them at varying heights like I did!

I like to find unique things I have all over my home and use them in different places. Shop my home if you will. Get creative.

Y’all know I love my vintage books!

Pretty cute and so simple, right?

My mantle is not nearly done yet. This is just the beginning but this is something you could easily do for a windowsill, a counter, a floating shelf or the top of a piece of furniture.

What about placing some of these in a hutch?

Maybe some open shelving in a kitchen?

Perhaps a nest with some eggs instead of some flowers would strike your fancy tucked inside a little pot?

The ideas are endless. I’m pretty pleased with the spring color it brought to my living room and even The MR noticed the second he walked in the door from work and that’s saying something!

Now let’s go see what Emily made for her mantle!

Emily at Le Cultivateur
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