Clearance Challenge: Hand Lettered Sign

Its time for our Clearance Challenge once again. This time Emily and I are being joined by two talented bloggers who I will share at the end of this post.

I’m sure y’all remember the rules by now. We can only spend a maximum of $15 on a item or items which must be found on clearance. They can be bought from any store or any number of stores and we can then change them in any way we see fit to use in our homes or we can simple style them in our homes.

Without further delay lets get right into it!

I had already gone to a small handful of stores without finding anything on clearance that interested me when I decided to take a swing by the clearance section in my local Hobby Lobby store.

For some reason I am very typically lucky in there. I have more often than not found at least one of my items there. I don’t know why. I guess it’s just my store.

Anyways this time the entire clearance section looked like a wedding gone horribly wrong.

Broken down wedding decor was everywhere. I don’t know why they suddenly decided to clean out there wedding section right after valentine’s day but there you have it.

I was about to walk away all dejected when a shape caught my eye.

Seriously that’s all it was that stood out to me. The shape.

I glanced at the price.

It drew me in.

I think it was the red color.

Now I understand what it does to bulls.

I looked at it again…..

Now it was more than a shape I saw.

It was potential!

It had to be mine!

I raced to the checkout and went straight home to make my house that much lovelier with it’s presence.

First my daughter saw it, read it and laughed.

Then The MR saw it and laughed.

Can you believe it?

I think I got a little offended for this beauty.

They have no vision.

I whisked out my little paintbrush and some Waverly Chalk Paint in Ivory and Mineral.

I literally just squirted a small amount of each on my cardboard and dabbed my brush in a little of each and then swish, swish.

Who’s laughing now?

When it was completely dry I took a very fine sandpaper and lightly smoothed the edges, allowing it to lightly distress them.

Next, using a pencil and a stencil as a guide, I marked in the wording for my sign.

Then using a black permanent marker, I freehanded the letters.

I added some of those rubbery door or picture frame protectors so it wouldn’t be banging against the powder room door all the time.

When I knew the marker was dry on the lettering, I gave it two coats of finishing wax.

Three tiny little white flowers are the perfect finishing touch to this little beauty.

So you saw the sign cost me $2.49.

I already had the chalk paint laying around from other projects, along with the finishing wax.

The lettering cost me nothing.

The flowers I purchased for another project I am working on and I didn’t need them all so I just used a few for this.

Sometimes it’s the tiniest little things that make a huge impact.

This little sign right here that cost me a whole $2.49 makes this tiny powder room look so much more important already. Before we even open the door.

I call that a success.

And isn’t it a cute shape after all?

Now just like I promised, here are the other blogs links so you can go and see what the other bloggers found for this challenge.

Emily from Le Cultivateur
Cate from West Magnolia Charm
Jodi from The House House Blog

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. I really appreciate each and every one of you.

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