Thrift Store Challenge: Tables & Graphs

I’m so excited to show you what my project is for this month’s Thrift Store Challenge. I’ll give you a hint…

It’s something I’ve been looking for for a very long time.

That must have narrowed things down…to at least only a few hundred things 😀

My living room has been in desperate need of some additional pieces of furniture for quite some time. You see, once I finally got rid of the much despised overstuffed leather couch and loveseat that filled the room quite substantially, I had been lacking greatly in furniture. I had literally only found a small sofa which I deconstructed and a wingback chair which I also deconstructed. Beyond that I had recently refinished a small side table and I had an area rug on the wood floors.

That’s it.

With a family of 7 you can imagine that there wasn’t even enough spots for all of us to sit let alone if we had company!

It’s not like I haven’t tried. I’ve been looking for what seems like forever for some much needed seating and a coffee table, just to name a couple things. Either it was more than what I wanted to spend when I would have to refinish/reupholster it, or I just couldn’t find anything that I liked the style of.

And then I saw it!

While surfing through Facebook Marketplace one day I spied a coffee table that had a very good shape and size for my living room. Best of all it was only $35. I was sure it was going to be snapped up before I could possible get to it but it wasn’t.

It’s like it was waiting for me.

It knew that it was meant to be in my living room and it would settle for nothing less.

It’s former owner told me she had purchased it many years prior at an Antique Shop and had of course paid a whole lot more for it than she was selling it for.

Based on the condition it was in, I believe her.

I could have simply placed it in my living room like this and called it a day but then we wouldn’t be here right now talking about my latest project. And I wouldn’t be me.

Wanna see what I did with it?

Oh good!

The Rules

For this challenge we purchase an item or items from a Thrift Store, Flea Market, Garage Sale or find it at the side of the curb ready for garbage collection. There is no set budget but we always try to keep it as thrifty as we can. Then we set to work! Whether we refinish it, restore it, refurbish it, or revamp it – we show you just what we did with it. Then we show you how we styled it in our homes. Are you ready?

My Project

I’m pretty sure this is going to come as a huge shock to y’all but brace yourself! I got out my chalk paint!!! 😀

I purposely didn’t worry about getting the paint into every nook and cranny. I left cracks and corners showing some of the dark wood through. Why bother covering every tiny bit when I was going to distress it anyways?

After 2 coats of chalk paint, I lightly distressed it with very fine grit sandpaper.

Next I dry brushed just a very little bit of Waverly chalk paint in Mineral over various places on the table, specifically where I had distressed it.

I also made sure to highlight any areas that had any sort of chips or dings etc.

I finished it off with 3 coats of my favorite finishing wax.

I’m still thinking of one day replacing the glass with a tufted upholstered top but for now I will settle for the glass top.

Styling My Find

This is how it all looked just after I finished the piece. I simply added a reclaimed wood tray filled with some vintage books and fall touches and my favorite Coffee Table book of late.

You’ll note that I placed it in front of my deconstructed sofa in the position y’all are familiar with. For a couple days.

Isn’t this the cutest brass candlestick ever?

Perhaps one of these days soon I will show you how I changed the color of my fall foliage from last year…..

Now where were we? Oh that’s right! The coffee table. Notice anything different?

I’ll share some new furniture projects with you very soon! I promise.

Until then, lets go see what the other ladies found this month……

Other Participants

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Teresa from Through A Vintage Door


  • Cindy

    Tara I love what you did with this piece. It adds charm to the room. Yes that’s an adorable candlestick and we know how you love candlesticks.

    Looking forward to seeing what else you been up to.


  • Terrie Tipler

    What a nice transformation. Paining it white with the dry brushing made the table fit your home perfectly. It is a beautiful piece. Love how you have it decorated as well. Thanks for hosting this months challenge.

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Always a pleasure, Terrie. Thanks so much for joining us again this month! Love seeing everyone’s finds each time.

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thank you so much, Jodi! It was a very fun project and I’m anxious to get to work on some of the other new pieces of furniture I finally found for my living room!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thanks so much, Dori! I’m so happy with the table and how it came out and yes, the deconstructed sofa was a super fun project and I have a chair I’m about to embark on too.

  • Danya

    Wow.. what a transformation! What kind of wax do you prefer? I love chalk paint and I usually will finish mine with a matte paint.

    • stilettosandshiplap

      The one I have been using for quite a while now is Varathane Classic Paste Finishing Wax. It’s a lovely consistency, easy to use, very little smell and easy to find. I think I got my last container at Walmart. Either that or Home Depot. Last a very long time. I usually put about 3 coats on most pieces of furniture letting it dry in between and buffing the last coat.

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thank you, Teresa. It was just what I needed for the living room and I am so pleased with it. I am excited to get a couple other bits of furniture refinished soon too and share them with y’all.

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