Creative Thursday: Are You Faux Real?

I’m so excited to share a new monthly challenge with y’all. Recently Emily (Le Cultivateur) and Shae (Sweet Southern Grace) and I put our heads together and came up with the idea of a monthly challenge which will consist of something a little different each month. It might be a diy project, a recipe, a treasure hunt, styling something specific, arranging flowers, or anything we can dream up together. We might have a set budget or we might not – we will be sure to let you know the specifics each month.

We will of course be being joined by random other blogging friends each time who have chosen to join in the fun of the challenge.

This month’s rules:

For this month, we will be creating a fall floral arrangement. We will be using either all faux florals or mixing faux with real florals and we can spend no more than $15 total on the florals. We have to create the arrangement in a container we already own.

Make sense?


Let’s get started!

My project:

Here is the collection of flowers I came up with for my $15. Wanna see how I did?

  • I got 2 bunches of white berries from Dollar Tree in their Christmas section for $2
  • I got a bouquet of flowers from Walmart containing the sunflowers, some hydrangeas and some random grasses for $5
  • I got 2 bunches of small white asters from Walmart for $2
  • I also got a small bunch of faux boxwood for $3

My total was $12

I also grabbed some beautiful roses from my flower garden.

I decided to use this large metal vase as the container for my arrangement.

In the end I just didn’t like the look when I added the roses with all the other flowers in my arrangement but I really wanted to use them. What was my solution?

Two arrangements!

My Final Results

See how pretty faux mixed with real florals can be? I added the faux boxwood and a couple faux leaves in with my roses and put them in a vintage blue glass canning jar.

So simple.

And here is my all faux arrangement. Clearly it’s big enough that I could put it on the floor somewhere as well but I chose to put it on this little table between my two comfy chairs.

This could just as easily have been made with real florals but obviously would not last as long. Provided I don’t get bored of it (which is saying a lot!) I could keep this one right up until I start to decorate for winter/Christmas.

The neutral tones in this arrangement are what I’m all about this year. This would go perfectly in any room in my house this year and could be mixed with absolutely any accent color.

The Other Participants:

Let’s check out what the other hosts of this challenge and bloggers who joined us this month came up with for their arrangements.

Emily from Le Cultivateur (co-host)
Shae from Sweet Southern Grace (co-host)
Jodi from The House House Blog
Danya from Just Another Farmhouse

If you are a blogger and would be interested in joining this or any of our other monthly challenges, please message me.

Until next time….


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