Clearance Challenge: And The Leaves Came Tumbling Down…

Time for this month’s Clearance Challenge. It’s always a fun time and something I look forward to because I really like to see what everyone else who participates, has found and what they did with it.

I was all set to do something amazing and blow your socks off this month but each time I checked around in a variety of stores for some clearance items, I could never find just the right thing. It was either something that really wasn’t me or really wasn’t something I needed or had a place for or something about it that made me feel like it was a waste of good money even if it was on clearance.

I’m not into that.

Finally yesterday afternoon I found something! I was in Ross and about to leave in despair when I spied some table linens and stopped for a quick peek just because.

Lo and behold there was a fall print table runner hanging there and I looked a bit closer because I liked how it wasn’t the typical fall colors of oranges and reds and bright yellows. Then I noticed the sticker!

Can you believe it? It was on clearance. I don’t know why but I wasn’t about to ask. Instead of $11 it was only $7. I can handle that.

See how pretty the colors are? Perfect for my need for soft, muted, neutrals this season. I hurried to the checkout.

Now to style it!

Time to change things up on my little french buffet.

I started with my white soup tureen, added some fall leaves, white pumpkins, a pear and some flowers.

I grabbed 3 of my milk glass vases and placed them to one side of the soup tureen and put some fall leaves and things in them. It just didn’t work. It was too much vibrant color for the soft neutral look I wanted.

So I grabbed some white candles instead!

Much better already. 😀

What could be better for the opposite side of the soup tureen than some vintage books? I chose some in greens and added a touch of brass to warm it up.


Since everything else I used was something I already had on hand, this little display only cost me $7 for the runner. It’s going to be a lot of fun to style my dining table with too.

Of course my little mirrored shelf just about the french buffet had to be dressed up a little too. Just another dash of copper with the little vintage oil cans, some fall branches and a lovely pheasant feather.

Clearly there is a lot more space here for milk glass vases so I’m thinking I need to add some more to my collection very soon! 😀

And then there are the vintage books that need some more friends. I mean…..

The Other Participants

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  • Terrie

    What a great find. I love the colors in your runner. It looks awesome on your table. You styled the table very pretty. Thanks for hosting the monthly challenge. It is always fun!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      It was perfect for the different colors I was wanting for my fall decor this year. I was pretty happy to find it.

  • Dori Turner

    Wow! That’s a steal for a table runner and it’s perfect on your buffet! I love how you styled it with the vintage books and milk glass!

  • cindy@countyroad407

    It looks great and you’ve styled it perfectly. I’m like you, don’t really want to spend money on something I don’t need just because it’s on clearance. 😉 I need to get off my booty and drag out the fall stuff – I’m so behind!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      I know! It just doesn’t sit right with me, you know? Lol yes I can’t wait to see all your fall things ?

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Haha yes I believe I am but just the vases. I don’t care for any other pieces. Yes I’m just not feeling the bright fall colors this year so have been trying to neutralize and reuse as many things as I can but in a much softer overall palette

  • Emily

    Tara, I love that runner! It’s so cute and works perfectly with your beautiful fall decor! I love those milk glass vases too! You can never have too many! Everything looks so pretty!!!

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