French Vintage Friday: French Style Without The Pricetag

Happy Friday, y’all! Welcome back to another week of French Vintage Friday where Emily and I share something French, something Vintage or a little of both.

Up to this point I have always shared something Vintage with y’all but since my personal style is French, I am going to start sharing some of that here too. Basically I want to show you how you can incorporate this style into your home without breaking the bank.

I know all too well that a lot of the pieces of furniture and even decor in this style niche are much more expensive than other styles, especially something like Farmhouse that is all the rage these days. However, with a little bit of imagination and creativity you too can get French style without the pricetag that is normally attached. Let me show you how.

Often its going to require adding some details so a piece that already has the right lines. Trust me – it will be worth it.

Sometimes it is seeing beyond the broken to what something could be.

That’s what I did with the piece I am sharing this week. I literally fished it out of someone’s trash pile while I was at a garage sale. They had tossed it away because the hooks on the back used to hang it with were broken. It hadn’t been very well loved either. It was covered in random bits of stickers and black marker graffiti – why I will never know. But the base style was amazing and I knew I could make this a beauty again!

Can you believe this is what I’m talking about?

First I got creative and made a new way of hanging it with some D rings attached to the back. Its rather on the heavy side so I had to make sure it would hold not only it’s own weight but the things I would display on the shelf too.

Clearly I also removed the stickers and cleaned it really well and then got out my trusty chalk paint and set to work. I left it a little banged up and well loved looking. I wanted it to look like it had been around for a long time, not like it just came out of a high-end shop.

Now this piece already had these lovely details and all this beautiful trimwork but that is often not the case when you are thrifting and making your own French styled pieces. It’s pretty easy to add some bits and bobs here and there to create this look though and that’s what I will show you now and then.

I never get tired of styling this shelf and it’s the sort of piece that gets noticed EVERY time I post a photo of it online.

I’ve paired it with this small French buffet and it looks like they were always meant to be together! The buffet will be a story for another day!

Until next week, my friends.

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