Thrift Store Challenge: Autumn On My Mind

It’s another blustery fall day and I’m tucked snugly inside my cozy warm home as I write this post. I’m grateful for a warm home and grateful for the beautiful fall colors outside my windows.

When it gets cold outside I start wanting to make big pots of comforting soup and work on all sorts of lovely projects and make the house look as cozy as I possibly can. But I digress. The real reason I sat down to write today is to share my Thrift Store find with y’all. The soup will have to wait for now.

Challenge rules

The rules are simple: find an item(s) at a Thrift Store, garage sale, Flea Market it some similar source and show how we made it over if needed and how we styled it in our homes.

I’ll link the other ladies blog posts at the bottom.

My find

This big slab of what I believe to be white oak, was what I discovered for $4.99 at my local Thrift Store a couple days ago. I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it and just had to make a quick stop at Hobby Lobby for one little piece of the puzzle.

I started by removing the little rubber feet on the underside of it…

…and then gave it a really good sanding.

Next it got a couple coats of white wax.

Hobby Lobby provided these unfinished wood candle holders which I planned to use as little feet.

They got finished with white wax as well.

All I needed to do after that was to glue them onto the bottom of my slab of wood.

And it’s all done and ready to style!

Styling my find

As a matter of fact, all the brass candlesticks in this vignette, the pewter vase, some of the florals in the bouquet, the peonies and all my ironstone have been purchased from Thrift Stores.

I just know this white oak riser is going to get used a lot!!!

The other participants

Let’s go see what the others found this month!

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