French Vintage Friday: Milk Glass

Are you in the yes or no camp for milk glass?

I was in the no in my own own home but occasionally in the yes as long as it was in someone else’s home.

And as long as it was mostly just the vases.

And as long as it was in just specific detailed places and styled just so.

And then it began to grow on me.

Welcome to French Vintage Friday!

Milk glass originated in Venice in the 1500s but didn’t become popular until much later when it began being produced on a much larger scale by American manufacturers as an economical alternative for much pricier European China and glass.

There are many different patterns and even colors although the White is the most common by far, but for whatever reason I’m still the most partial to the vases.

I love the look of them with some simple wildflowers or even wild grasses in them.

They look beautiful with very simple flower arrangements.

Or even just a branch or two.

But one of my favorite ways to use them is not as a vase at all!

I love using them for candles!!!

I’m really looking forward to using some on my mantel this Christmas so I’m pretty sure that means I need to collect a whole lot more, right?

Now let’s head over and see what Emily is sharing this week.

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Le Cultivateur

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