Abundant Autumn: Bringing Fall To The Kitchen

Does this inspire you like it does me? I must admit I struggled with this one, this year. Why? Let me tell you….

Let’s grab a coffee and have a chat. Why don’t you have a seat in my kitchen?

The internet, Pinterest, Instagram…..all great inventions and evil at the same time. You see, they show me what could be and I want it. I’m not talking about envying what someone else has exactly but rather seeing what someone else can do with a few pumpkins and some grasses and branches opens up such a plethora of ideas and inspiration in me that my bank account can’t keep up with.

I’m all about being thrifty. I kind of have to be. But sometimes, just sometimes, I’d like to just go out and buy all the beautiful decor and not have to be patient. Because thrifting and making and finding everything takes a long time.

But then I remember how much fun I have making things and I feel better….

So let’s get started! I had a specific look in mind that I wanted to put my branches in so I grabbed this cute bottle, applied a little Mod Podge here and there….

…and then some gold leaf. Basically just like what I did the other day for one of my DIY Pumpkins. Once it dries just brush away the excess with a soft brush.

I put a couple branches in it from my yard (I had to remove the real leaves on the branches because it’s still summer outside where I am!)

The gold leaves were a super fun craft. I made the leaves from pop cans! I’m not kidding. Wanna know how? Good. Check out the tutorial on my amazing friend Emily’s blog.

Now it’s time to make a wreath to hang over my stove. You see, the range hood that will eventually reside there, has still not been built so in the meantime I like to hang something cute up there.

For this one I grabbed a grapevine wreath at Hobby Lobby and a couple branches of neutral fall greenery and pods.

I stuck the pieces of branches between the grapevines without using any glue. It’s plenty secure and this way I can easily pull these branches out and create a whole new look using the same grapevine wreath. It helps to not have to store a whole bunch of pre-made wreaths too when you don’t have them on display.

For the garland that I hung over my open cabinet, I simply grabbed some wooden leaf cutouts, spray painted them silver and then strung them and some acorns (real ones) on some jute twine. I knotted the twine to keep the items in place.

Ready for the grand tour of my kitchen?

Since it seems that the majority of my days are spent in this kitchen, either cooking meals for my always hungry kids, or doing dishes from all those meals and snack, it is important for me to retain as much of the countertop surfaces as I can, free of clutter. That said, I only put this one little vignette on my countertops and its placed in a spot that really isn’t used for anything but stacks of dirty dishes.

I simply put the little vignette together on my DIY riser, using a candle stand to elevate the little copper kettle, put some grasses from my flower garden in a pitcher and arranged a few little DIY pumpkins that I made just the other day.

I can’t wait to make some more. This look is really appealing to me this year. Sparkle and glam while remaining neutral.

My open cabinets are brimming with lovely little treasures tucked around some of my ironstone. In addition to the little pumpkin I covered in paper doilies, I’ve added a blush pumpkin that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. There’s something about a soft blush that gets me every time.

These little votive holders were an amazing thrift find recently and I just love how they look like mercury glass. I think they may have originated from Target.

No room in my house would be considered styled without adding some vintage books. The kitchen is no exception. One day I hope to have some amazing vintage cookbooks to display but until then, these will do. Especially when accompanied by another darling pumpkin and my vintage oil cans.

If you know me at all, you know I can’t say no to vintage brass either. Especially candle holders.

Some neutral flowers and a few colorful leaves is all this little basket needs.

My DIY branches have found a home on top of my fridge.

The little grapevine wreath looks perfectly at home above my stove.

It’s simple. It’s neutral. It’s just cozy enough to still be functional for the day to day but give me the fall feels I need to get me in the mood to bake! The wax melts in my little wax warmer don’t hurt any either.

And now Hope would like to thank you for stopping by and tell you that she is more than ready for the baking to commence. Come on back real soon and we will have something sweet and delicious with our coffee next time.

Now for an extra special treat (since I didn’t have any fresh baking today) stop on over and check out Emily’s fall decor in her kitchen. I know you’re gonna fall in love with it just like I always do! Just click the photo below.

Until next time…


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