French Vintage Friday: Two For Tea (or coffee)

I’m so excited for this weeks post. Wanna know why? I’m so glad you asked!

Because the moment that Halloween could be considered over, I started breaking out the winter decor. It could possibly be said that I did that a few moments before Halloween was over, in fact, but I’m not owning up to that ?.

Welcome to French Vintage Friday!

So y’all know I have a thing for Ironstone. Who doesn’t? ??‍♀️. Probably about a year ago I stumbled across a gorgeous Ironstone coffee pot.

I was instantly in love with it!

And then?

Just last week I found its little sister. Or maybe it’s a cousin? That depends on how you view the relationship between coffee and tea.

I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing when I spotted it. And there were bells. And a warm flood of light that followed it around.

Clearly I’m joking but if you knew how rare it is to find any Ironstone where I live you’d know why I was so excited to find this flawless beauty!

And then I couldn’t rest until I had cleared a space just perfect for these two beauties and reunited them.

And for a moment, all was right with my little part of the world.

Emily’s Post

Let’s go see what Emily has for us this week.

Emily, Le Cultivateur

Until next time…


  • Enily

    Tara, it’s a match made in heaven!! It would be such a thrill to find such a beauty at a thrift store! I have yet to find any ironstone at the thrift shops near my house! I am so excited for you!! I need to start looking more! Maybe some of your ironstone finding luck will strike me too! I can only hope!!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      It’s a pretty rare thing to find around here too and especially any of the England stamped ones. My area is not known for its antiques or quality vintage pieces ??‍♀️

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