It’s All About The Fall Vibes: Sweet Dreams

I have a couple questions for you… Are you a mom? Especially of quite a few younger kids?

If so, is your master bedroom completely finished to dreamy perfection?

If it is, was it one of the first spaces to be finished or was it last on the list?

I’m pretty sure most moms fall into the same trap that Emily and I have, which is that we put all of our focus on our kids and husbands and we make the main public areas of our homes look all lovely and are constantly improving them. We do up our kids rooms as one the the first things in our homes to make our kids feel secure and like they belong. We might even move them around a few times (me) and re-do their rooms more than once (Emily) and still in all that time we don’t work on a dreamy space for “yours truly”.

Some of us have an office or a she-shed that’s just solely for us and lets us escape, if only for a few moments. Lets us recharge, take a breath, express ourselves.

Personally I don’t have a space like that. I don’t even have a desk, at the moment. I blog at one of the tables or in bed or on my lap! ?

I take sanity breaks, as needed, by locking the bathroom door and ignoring the pitiful cries from the other side of it!!!

A recent conversation along these lines led Emily and I to make a pact with each other to work on our Master Bedrooms. You see, neither of us have ever completed them to any sort of satisfactory level. Sure, we have the basics like a stack of mattresses passing as a bed, a dresser, and so on. But that’s about where it ends.

In this little tour we will show you where we are at right now but keep in mind it’s far from completed. We have lots of plans. Lots of projects. Lots of dreams.

Still, we’ve added some fall touches to our bedrooms anyways and we want to show you “the now”. That way you can celebrate even harder with us when we get to the finish line one day.

Hopefully we can inspire you to focus on a special space for yourself, if you’ve neglected to do so like we have.

Come on in…

Remember what I was saying about the stack of mattresses? Yup! I still don’t have a “real bed” but not for lack of trying. I’ve had a few unsuccessful Facebook Marketplace encounters and many months of searching but the search is still on. One day I will have my amazing bed!

Clearly Hopie is okay with this one, the way it is.

The MR’s sidetable is kept much more streamlined (for photos) because it needs to have lots of space for all the important things (junk) that is strewn a foot high on it every other day when I’m not photographing. He gets upset when I “mess things up” to take pictures! ??‍♀️

I like to dress mine up a little more and have fun with it. Does it surprise you that I always have books within arms reach? ?

I love the bedspread I recently got from Wayfair and the down filled throw pillows were Marshall’s finds. There are a lot more cozy bed linens on my wish list that will be added in the future too!

If you remember the ONE time I showed the Master Bedroom on the blog before, this fireplace was a cherry wood tone. It’s always been that way since we got it. I’ve pictured it like this for quite some time now and one day, a week or so ago, look what happened!!!

Just a couple subtle fall touches added here and there.

The shelf that was my mantel in my living room at one point, is now in my bedroom. Oh! It somehow changed color too!

I’m gonna need to look into how that keeps happening.

Just a few little favorites perched on the shelf.

Too cute to pass up!

It’s all in the details.

Sweet dreams, my friends!

Let’s go see how Emily’s Master is coming along. I know for a fact that she recently got a “real bed” ?

Emily, Le Cultivateur

Until next time….

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