The Corbels Made Me Do It…

I was walking thru Goodwill, minding my own business, looking for pieces for one of our recent challenges. I wasn’t looking for anything for my fireplace. I’m serious. I mean I just recently gave my fireplace a whole facelift so why would I be?

Pardon the poor quality of this photo. This is before I moved in. I can just bet you are wondering why I would even consider messing with such a beautiful feature wall. That gaping hole above the fireplace? I mean…..

Step 1 of the Fireplace Makeover was painting the ugly tiles and stenciling them.

Step 2 of the Fireplace Makeover I built around the tile with some trim and framed in preparation for a mantle and put some shiplap over the entire top of the wall. I might add that long ago I had framed in the gaping hole in the wall and drywalled over that. There was no working with a hole that size!

Step 3 of the Fireplace Makeover was building and hanging the mantle. Then I thought I was done.

Then I wrote another blog post.

It was sort of a New Years Resolution/Promise.

To My Own Self Be True.

Then I started getting a lot of people telling me that they had read it and really appreciated what I wrote and I started really taking my own advice.

Then I started getting excited about taking my own advice and finding out I was really enjoying styling my own home more than I had in years and I didn’t realize I hadn’t been enjoying it as much.

Then I went thrifting for that other blog challenge and as I was walking along minding my business I heard something call my name.

Totally serious.




It was this beauty.

I picked it up and then thought well I really don’t need one corbel.

Then she introduced me to her twin sister and I was a goner.

I immediately knew what these ladies needed. Me. And I needed them.

And we all needed a little Alabaster in our lives. Two coats to be exact.

And then we needed a little of our sweet friend Emily from Le Cultivateur too.

We were chatting with her about how these ladies deserved to be dressed up real fine with some gold on them, not distressed like in their former lives and she introduced us to her best kept secret which we are now sharing with the world.

Rub ‘n Buff in Antique Gold

I think I must apologize to The MR because I do believe I’ve just fallen in love…..

Aren’t they looking pretty?

I told The MR that I was gonna do the mantle over again and he just rolled his eyes. He is used to me by now. I said just trust me, you’ll like it when I’m done.

I put a much wider top on the mantle that I already had in place because I decided I wanted to be able to load it up with a lot more stuff. I mean why not? I also put a much longer skirting on the front of the mantle that comes down longer in the front to make the mantle more dramatic. I used MDF for the mantle this time instead of knotty pine because I didn’t want it to look rustic like I did last time. It needs to go with the lovely ladies in their gorgeous dresses (aka corbels). Pardon the laundry in the chair. It’s called real life y’all.

Next I added some trim just under the overhang of the mantle top and a little way below that I added some rope trim. I also added some more laundry to my chair. This is a very important step. Don’t skip that part or it won’t turn out!

Now the order for this next part is key! I used JBWeld to adhere my corbel to my fireplace on the LEFT side. I placed a pile of towels below in case The MR (yes, that’s his reflection) didn’t hold it long enough and it fell.

Next you must start to style your mantle again to see how it will look when it’s all done but don’t completely style it. Just put the things back here and there.

Next adhere the corbel on the RIGHT side and move the stack of towels over to that side. Fold the rest of the laundry in the chair while you wait.

Next I added some of the Antique Gold Rub n Buff to the rope trim just because I couldn’t help myself.

And finally you can finish styling the mantle all the way across and add all your greenery and add extra touches too because now you have a wider mantle so you can and you just can’t help yourself!

After all. It’s the corbels fault. They made you do it!

Now excuse me while I go find something else I can add some gold touches to…..


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