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It’s All About The Fall Vibes: Keeping It Simple

I’m not sure anyone can truly appreciate the room I’m about to show you, unless we once again take a brief step back.

Back to what my powder room was like only 1 short year ago.

Back before the board and batten.

And the Alabaster paint.

And the palest of coral paint (Thanks Emily’s sister for giving me the perfect shade of blush).

And before the cool painted floor.

And definitely before the most perfect vintage mirror!!!

Oh yes!

And then let’s start our little tour at “the now” and we can be surprised together and oooh and aaaah and make our eyes really wide!

Are you ready?

Me too!

Slight difference? I still love the transformation in this tiny room! What it lacks in floor space, it makes up for in height which is why I refer to it as an elevator shaft half of the time ?

Even a tiny space like this deserves some fall touches though.

Some of the fall leaves that I painted, a little pumpkin and you have some instant autumn feels.

There’s really only room for one more fall leaf bouquet and another little white pumpkin on my chippy green table in the corner.

I love the splash of unexpected color the green table adds to the space.

It’s the simple things, after all.

Until next time….

Let’s go check out Emily’s fall touches in her powder room!

Emily, Le Cultivateur

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