French Vintage Friday: Vintage Breakfast Table

Good morning, my sweet friends! I’m so glad you stopped by for another Friday share.

As you probably know, each Friday my friend Emily and I share something French, something Vintage or a little bit of both!

This week I’ve decided to share a truly lovely vintage piece with y’all. It’s a piece that was almost perfect as it was, it just needed a little love. Of course I can’t help but love it!

This! This right here! It was love at first sight and for only $10 this beauty was mine.

It went straight into it’s new home before I had even cleaned it, let alone repaired it.

I was aware from the listing photos that the finial on the bottom of the table was broken but I didn’t mind that. It just adds character and tells a story, am I right?

What I didn’t know until it was in my home, was that the pieces that had broken off the finial at some point, had been saved and wired to the underside of the table so as not to get lost.

A little wood glue and a few elastics to hold it in place while the glue dried and the finial was repaired. I could have used wood filler to make sure the cracks could not be detected and made this look like new. This table is NOT new though and that’s why I love it so much. It’s very old in fact and has lived a lot of life. It has a story to tell and I won’t be the one to hide that story.

And so I left the cracks visible.

The table top was full of stains and water rings and THIS was something I could fix. I sanded the top until all the water rings and ugly stains were gone but left any other wear and natural aging that I could. I just wanted the natural wood grain to be able to shine.

Sanding the legs was clearly not much fun with this amount of details to them but at least I had excellent company while I worked.

After cleaning it thoroughly with water and vinegar and allowing it to dry, my final step was to apply a coat or two of white wax. I wanted the natural wood to be left as it was without staining it but added some white wax to protect and give it a slightly more aged look.

I added quite a few coats of wax to the top of the table where it will get its most use.

And there you have it! All finished.

Well the table, that is.

Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect wood chairs to complement this beauty!

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