French Vintage Friday: Ironstone Tureen

Okay I know I’ve shared some of my ironstone with you before but to say all ironstone is created equal, and that sharing a piece or two is as good as sharing it all, would be like saying all my children are exactly alike! I love them all but they are all very different and unique!

I found this amazing tureen at a second hand store I often check but that I’ve never found ironstone at before!!! To say I was excited when I spotted it would be an understatement!

What there was of it was undamaged but unfortunately it was missing its lid 😢.

It was incredibly filthy at the time so that it wasn’t even white but I was sure it would clean right up and it did.

It’s a beautiful addition to my collection!

One of my favorite things to do with it while displaying it in my dining room, is to put various kinds of flowers in it.

Emily’s Post

Now let’s go see what Emily is sharing this week. Simply click on the photo below.


  • Emily

    Love the tureen!! I don’t think there has ever been a piece of ironstone that I didn’t love!! Lid or no lid, it’s darling! Love how you have styled it! So cute!!!

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