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Sometimes A Girl Just Needs Some Flowers

Am I right?

You can’t always be waiting around for someone to get them for you or waiting around for spring to come so they’ll start growing in your garden again.

Sometimes you just have to bring the flowers into your home…..

On a recent expedition to some stores in search of a few treasures on clearance (I was looking for something for one of our clearance challenges) I stumbled across a set of 3 round mirrors I had seen before at Walmart. Now I wasn’t at Walmart when I found them but rather at an overstock type clearance center.

I’m sure you’ve seen them before and know what I’m talking about. They were originally more of a grayish white that had some distressing and I just sprayed painted them a creamy white.

The plan was never to leave them as mirrors. For one thing it’s awkward to photograph in their location. One or more reflect while one or more don’t and inevitably you either catch yourself or something less than appealing in one of them while moving around the room taking different angles. I still liked the frames and the size of them for this location though.

Ready for their little makeover?

I started by adding some of my new favorite Rub ‘n Buff in Antique Gold mostly just because I can and because if you read my recent blog post The Corbels Made Me Do It then you know I’m addicted to the stuff now!

Next I purchased 3 blank cards with pictures of florals on them. Any pictures will do. You could use calendar photos as well but since these were mirrors and therefore had no glass over them I wanted something a little sturdier so I chose cards.

I took the backing off the mirrors, used the mirrors themselves as templates to mark and cut the cards, placed the cut cards in first, placed the mirrors back in next and the backings on again. That’s it!

I could change these out seasonally or when I get bored if I like. That isn’t my plan at present but y’all know I do like to change things up fairly often so you never know. It’s always an option.

One of the best things about these flowers is that they never need watering and yet they never wilt!

All together I paid $5 for the frames and $1.50 for the cards. Totally worth it to me.


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  1. What a great find. Love the three wall decor. This is a great way to bring color in your room. I love the idea of changing the look with the rub. They work perfectly on the wall. Love it Tara!Ter

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thanks Terrie. It was just something simple to dress up a sometimes difficult type of space to deal with. Small spaces like that can either become over-crowded or make a space feel empty. Super simple and inexpensive fix!

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