A Season Of Love And Laughter

Is it just me or does it seem like once you give in and accept all things fall, its just a hop, skip and a jump and HELLO Christmas tree?

Wasn’t it just summer and like 250 degrees last week and now everywhere I turn there are all things Christmas? My youngest daughter reminded me the other day that there were only 73 more days until Christmas and I started to feel stressed.

So I went out to my garden and harvested some fresh vegetables.

Okay that might sound like a joke but I’m being serious! I’m still picking vegetables in my garden and then coming inside and trying to think about what to get for whom for Christmas?

Why is it that the older we get, the less time there is between apple cider and Deck the Halls?

Still, as a blogger I know that I need to be ahead of things. I need to be making my winter decor and thinking ahead of how I’m going to inspire and help y’all when the time comes that YOU want to start decking those halls.

So for now I’m gonna crank up the Christmas music, turn down the a/c and start dreaming of Christmas past and Christmas present(s). lol

This year more than ever before I’m craving a good, old fashioned, down home, country christmas. The kind like I had growing up. Surrounded by snow and family and more good things to eat than I could possibly imagine fitting into my jeans anymore.

The smell of fresh evergreen branches, wood smoke, home cooked meals and lots of laughter.

What makes me feel like this most? Well that is the trick that one has to decode when trying to set the stage for this season of love and laughter and most important – family.

I can never go back to those old Christmases – the loved ones are gone, the houses and the scenery where they took place are hundreds of miles away now. I’d sure like to recreate that feeling for my kids though.

So what are my plans for this winter season?

I’m picturing a Christmas of years gone by. Lots of natural elements, homemade ornaments and decorations from nature, natural colors found outdoors this time of year. I’ve shied away from red for a few years because I don’t normally see that in my decor but I think this year a cheerful Christmas red in small doses just might make an appearance.

I’m going to use more twinkle lights too! You can’t go wrong with twinkle lights!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly…..

It’s been the sort of year where I would love to disappear into a Hallmark movie and fall in love with the ridiculously handsome and long-lost love in some idyllic little small town that just oozes with Christmas smells and sounds. Alas, that is not in the cards so the goal is to get that small town, old fashioned, cozy Christmas feeling into my home.

Can you picture it with me?

Well a girl can’t be expected to give away all her secrets at once, can she? You’ll just have to check back often and watch it unfold. I can envision it very clearly from where I’m sitting! If I don’t look in the mirror I can almost imagine that I’m a child again….

I said almost.

Grab yourself a fresh hot cocoa and a pen and paper and let’s get started on our Christmas plans!

Until next time, sweet friend…

Wanna check out Emily’s plans for this holiday season? Click on the photo below.


  • Emily

    Love this post so much!! I’m craving a good old fashioned Christmas this year too! I can’t wait to see how you decorate for winter/Christmas this year!!! I know it will be amazing!

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