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Thrift Store Challenge: There’s Snow Place Like Home

Welcome back to another Thrift Store challenge!

By now I’m sure you know the rules but in case you are visiting for the first time, each month we find something at a thrift store, flea market, garage sale, side of the road or something like that and show y’all what we did with the item to make it work in our homes.

This month I found mine on Facebook Marketplace for $5. I know, right?

I’ve been needing something for over the toilet in my Powder Room ever since I gave it a makeover but so far hadn’t found the right thing.

Clearly this wouldn’t work in my white and blush colored Powder Room as is so it’s gonna need some work.

Chalk paint to the rescue.

After several coats of chalk paint, I used antique glaze to give it an aged look.

Then comes the fun part. Styling the piece.

I’ve had the little houses for a couple years now but they were multi-colored. This year I painted them all white and added faux snow to the rooflines and around the bases of them.

The arches in this piece put me in mind of church windows.

I replaced the wooden base of some bottle brush trees with a cabinet knob and also used some of my chalk painted poinsettias.

Not bad for $5. 😉

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  1. Wow! It’s perfect. Love what you did with it.

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thanks so much, Jodi

  2. Cute piece Tara.


    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thank you, Cindy

  3. Dori Turner says:

    How perfect! I love how you styled it! What a great transformation!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thanks Dori. So sweet of you.

  4. Tara! This is just lovely!!!! What an adorable cabinet! And you know I adore those little houses!!!!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thanks, Tracey. Our little houses are so similar but I love your puffy snow even more 💕

  5. Tricia says:

    Hi Tara
    Loved the way you have painted the houses/church! Can you please tell me how and what you used to pint them please?
    Thank you

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Sure! I just used a craft paint that I picked up at Walmart to paint the houses because that’s what I happened to have on hand. If I was going out to buy paint I’d probably make it super easy on myself and get Krylon spray paint for plastics if the houses are plastic like mine are. Otherwise regular Rustoleum spray paint if they’re ceramic. I had to use an artists brush to paint mine. Once the paint was dry I used a small brush to apply some Mod Podge where I wanted the snow to be and then sprinkled the faux snow on it. After it dried I shook off the excess. Hope this helps 😉

  6. Such a darling shelf!!! I love what you have done with it!! So perfectly styled!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thank you! I really liked the style of it too.

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