Can You See It? Love Is In The Air – (Valentine Decor Touches)

Have you seen it yet?

Maybe you’ve even smelled it?

That tiny, almost imperceptible change in the air that suddenly makes you start thinking of spring. Even if you’ve still got snow on the ground!

I saw it.

I smelled it.

I felt it!

It called to me!

By name…..

And that was the end of the winter decor. Even earlier than normal this year.

I can’t dig in my flowerbeds yet and I can’t plant things or play outside so I decided to freshen things up inside. Not overtly spring yet but part ways there.

After all we are almost to the month of love, y’all! Why not add some extra touches of romance?

Here’s how I do it….

Start with a blank slate. Clear everything out and start fresh. Even washing things down helps and gives it that fresh smell!

In my case I even gave my Shiplap a fresh coat of paint since it was beginning to look a bit thirsty.

Next I like to add my main focal point. Now the way I add Valentines to my home is through subtle romantic touches. I’m not a pink and red everywhere – Cupid threw up in my house – type of decorator! 😄

Romance doesn’t have to be pink or red or in a heart shape. To me it often comes in the color white. What’s more romantic than a bride? What do you think of when you think bride but white and lace?

White and gold is also a go to for me. It’s a favorite of mine regardless of time of year but to me it’s always romantic. That’s why I chose my ornate white and gold vintage frame for the focal point here.

From there on it’s about adding in all the little touches that give the feeling of romance and cozy ambiance. Twinkle lights, things that are soft and fluffy, sparkly things, candles, and for me lots of ornate French touches.

Let me show you how I added things in on my mantel.

I do like little angels and cherubs but I’m not a Cupid person. The exception to that rule is vintage valentines.

I added just a tiny touch of blush pink but only as an accent.

And for the final touch, a rope of gold beads and some vintage tags that I put X and O on and tied to the vintage music sheet garland I made back before Christmas.

Now let’s style my French buffet and mirrored shelf!

Starting with a blank slate here too.

Again I’ve just gone with romance. Lace. Flowers. Candles. The feeling of an intimate tea party.

I hope this gives you some ideas to spread some love and romance around your home!

I’ll be back soon to show you more areas that I’ve added touches of romance.

For now, let’s go see what Emily has done to add some Valentine touches to her home! I can hardly wait!

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