Wooden Bead Garland

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Have you seen the strings of wooden beads all over everything in the decor world lately? They’re so beautiful and add such a neat touch to vignettes and tiered trays and stack of books….almost anything. I’ve been wanting some for a while now but I’ll be honest – I didn’t want to pay the price that is asked for most of them!

You know me. If it’s something I can make for cheaper, I will!

So this morning I snuck out of the house and left the MR with all 5 kids without him knowing it. I planned to go to Hobby Lobby for a little R & R and you just can’t do that while dragging 5 kids around the store ?. I was vividly remembering the wooden sign I ended up buying the last time I took the kids there because it apparently didn’t do well crashing to floor! ??‍♀️

I fully intended to come home with some wooden beads to make my own garland and check out what I found!

I got 2 packages each of the larger beads for $1.99 each and there are 12 per package. I got 1 of the smaller beads with 16 in it and that was also $1.99. Here are some wooden beads that are very similar to what I used. I had originally planned to use some twine I had at home to string them but when I actually got the beads the holes were much larger than I had thought. I went looking for some heavier weight twine and found this beautiful stuff for $.99 ! It’s enough to make several strands too! Here is some 4 mm natural rope that I found very similar to what I used.  It is a very good price for the length.

I tied a knot at one end and threaded on one of the smaller beads first since they have smaller holes through them. Then I alternated sizes randomly so there wasn’t an exact pattern, until I had used all the beads from all 3 packages. I ended with a small bead as well. Then I knotted the end and cut off the excess. I chose to let the ends of the twine fray out because I thought it would look cute that way.

That’s it! All of maybe 5 minutes and it cost me $7. I’m pretty okay with that! You know you want to make some now ?

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  1. Tara what a great DIY. I will have to take your lead and make some for myself. Great tutorial so easy to follow. Thank you so much for the share!

    1. So glad you liked it! It’s such an easy project that I can make them with my kids!

  2. This is such a great diy!! I love it!!

    1. Thanks! Stayed tuned – I’m full of them ?

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  4. […] On the opposite end I’ve paired a few chalk painted books (yes, you read that right) with a metal pumpkin my momma gave me.  The little autumn colored glass votive jar is from Dollar Tree, the chrysanthemum blossom is from a bouquet I already had.  The little wooden sign is also a Walmart find and it was under $5.  The wooden bead garland is a craft project I did with my daughter and you can find a tutorial on how to make them here. […]

  5. Such a fun project and easy! I bought some beads today for 50c. They are not different sizes though. But perhaps I can try my hand at this…We’ll see..thanks for the tip.

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Oh that’s so fun! Can’t wait to see yours! I got the different sizes just because I thought it would be fun but honestly a lot of the wooden bead garlands are all the same size beads. The only issue might be if the hole was too big in the size you got, it might be harder to get a big knot that would hold. Otherwise – Yay!

  6. Christy says:

    Tara this is such a great idea to just make your own beads!! ok I have a list of supplies to get and I’m going to make me some beads and terra cotta pots! You have such great ideas and I will be sticking around to see a lot more.. Thanks for inspiring me to be crafty for Spring!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      So glad you are inspired to get crafting! It’s so much fun! Emily and I have a whole lot more planned for the near future so keep your hot glue gun, paint brush and scissors handy ?

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