Fall Decor That Will Keep a Spring In Your Step

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Show of hands – who is ready to start decorating for fall? ??‍♀️. Okay I will admit that I’m currently having a bit of a struggle putting out all my fall decor when it’s over 100 degrees outside most days! Know what I mean? Still, you know me….I’m always looking for a bargain and now is the time to snap up the good stuff before its all gone off the store shelves. Otherwise you’ll be the one stuck with the plastic pumpkin Halloween bucket and black plastic streamers for your fall decor ???

Let me share a little secret – I am kind of obsessed with books. I think it’s my granddads fault. He would sit and read to me by the hour as far back as I can recall and he himself always had a book in his hands whenever he sat down for a minute. I like reading books. I like the smell of books. I like looking at pretty books around my house. I like just knowing they’re all around. So it stands to reason that I would have some darling little vintage books as part of my fall decor, right? I snagged these little gems at a rather depressing little thrift store for $.75 cents each! Keep your eyes open all the time and you never know where you will find genuine little vintage treasures. If all else fails you can grab a few hardcover books at Dollar Tree and paint them to whatever color you’d like, as my friend Terrie does.

The little candle holder is filled with some darling little acorns I got from Dollar Tree just a couple days ago. The little bucket of apples is all new but would it surprise you to know it cost me under $5 for the whole thing? I got the little leaf bucket at Hobby Lobby. It was originally $3.99 but was 40% off and the apples were in the clearance section at Walmart for $.75 each ??

The white Williams and Sonoma candy dish, the faux greenery topiary ball, the little faux succulent – all thrift store finds or Dollar Tree bargains but I’m not even gonna count them because they were all things I already had and have used over in many different settings.

The fall leaves and chrysanthemums I got last year from Walmart. I reuse them every year in different ways and that makes them always seem new. I have them arranged this time in the bucket that a friend gave me last fall with a live chrysanthemum in it. If you can believe it, it’s plastic! I know, right? It looked so believable that I just had to keep it to use over and over.

Finally, see those sweet little white pumpkins? Don’t you just love them? I sure do. I got them from Dollar Tree a few days ago as well. They were just putting out their fall decor and I took advantage of snapping some up before it’s all gone!

So all in all this whole area cost me approximately $10. That’s completely doable, right? I know you’re thinking that in order to have your house beautifully decorated for fall that you have to have lots of money to spend. I’m here to show you that you don’t! If you’re willing to hunt around for a bargain, add a little creativity and a DIY or two – you too can have beautiful decor around you regardless of the season!

I hope I’ve inspired you to start looking around for those little bargains on fall decor items. Check back in a few days for my next blog post with some more fall decor ideas ?


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  1. Tara I love the ideas you have in styling your shelves for fall. You can just change out a few things and make it a different vignette. You have shown us inspiration and the know how to make our home look awesome on a budget. Thanks for sharing!

    1. My pleasure! That’s what I’m about! Yes, exactly….so easy to switch out for various seasons or holiday or boredom! Lol

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