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The Train Has Left The Station

Well…..not quite yet but it will be leaving shortly for a new station. As such most of the train cars are already inaccessible and the box cars are filled with coal and all sorts of other things to transport to the new station.

I’d love to show you what the old train station looked like and I hope to be able to one day but I’ve looked and I’ve looked and I can’t seem to find the before pics. I’m sure I have a few. Maybe I don’t. But I think I do. But maybe I don’t.

Anyways it was pale pink and had very damaged walls. Think swiss cheese but smaller holes.

And broken closet doors.

And broken blinds at the windows.

And the walls were really dirty.

Got the mental picture?

Good because this was all I could find and it really doesn’t help at all. And it’s blurry but I can tell you it is from that room. You’re welcome.

It’s by no means a huge room and I ended up having to fit 3 boys into it. You see, #4 and #5 were going to share it and #2 was going to have his own room but he felt left out and didn’t want to be “lonely” so he requested to be in with the others.

At first we tried a “normal” bunkbed on one side of the room and another bed across from it and for a time that seemed to work but then we needed to size up from a toddler bed and to quote Thomas the Train “Then there was trouble”!

After taking some measurements we discovered that another twin sized bed would basically allow them to do the crab walk between the beds and that’s pretty much it and the dresser would have to go in the closet. Clearly not an option.

Basically there was one option. Stack them. Triple bunks it was.

Beyond that the boys knew they wanted “everything blue” and #5 insisted on having trains as the overall theme.

I opted for more of a vintage feel with the trains that I’ve put in their room so far as opposed to a cartoon feel. The one exception was the decals I put on their nightstand at first which have just recently been removed as they matured. That was my plan all along.

I have plans for their bedding which has not been fulfilled yet but will be worked on in the new house for sure.

Since the bypass closet doors were broken anyways I opted for curtains instead of replacing the doors due to the little fingers at the time that could so easily get pinched. I mean 3 boys find endless ways to get hurt as it is. Why provide them with another way?

One of my favorite trains in the room to date.

Some prized collector cars sit next to some framed vintage train prints.

I still have more ideas of things I want to do in the boys room at the new house. They don’t know this yet. It’s best to work on more of a surprise basis with them 😀 I am always watching for vintage pieces and collectibles that would fit into their room though and will grow with them.

It’s been a fun space for them and they’ve really enjoyed everything about it, especially the triple bunk. Except for making their beds…..but then again. They’re BOYS!

Until next time.

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  1. I think it’s a good idea to be planning on making their new room something they will grow with them.

    You must be excited and wanting to get started.


    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Yes the sitting around and waiting and not knowing is really hard. I’ve always been a person of action once I make my mind up about something so this is hard for me.

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