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Proud As A Peacock

Why? Because this is the last of the kids bedroom “before and afters” to show you. I’m sorta surprised at myself for showing you all their rooms because they were never done completely and thanks to me being a perfectionist detail oriented person, I don’t like showing people messes like that.

Also I’m surprised I found as many before pics as I did.

AND there may possibly be one more reason but it’s really hard to say……

Okay so if you were standing pretty much in the closet, you’d have been looking at this. There was a crib and a twin sized bed and a change table at the foot of the twin sized bed right in front of the closet.

See? This is from standing in the door now.

And from the crib…..possibly even IN the crib. 😀

Okay and this is standing in front of the window looking back at the door.

That’s it folks. Builder beige walls and furniture for baby.

Clearly I had other things in mind!

This room took a little while to become something definite because #1 wasn’t quite sure what she wanted as far as colors but finally decided and I took it from there.

I did the walls a light silver gray to tone down the jewel tones of the purples, emeralds and turquoises that she wanted to give the overall impression of a peacock.

Okay….those are my words. She wanted her room done in Peacocks.

Sometimes I have to pull rank.

I covered a bulletin board with fabric just like I did in the tutorial HERE

I also painted her bed frame black and painted her a little nightstand which I showed HERE.

I liked these canvases for her room because while they have all the colors, they aren’t overtly “peacock”. It gives the feel without repeating a theme over and over. That’s what makes the difference between a well designed space or a tacky looking one, especially when it comes to kids rooms.

I have a desk in my garage currently that I’m refinishing that was meant to go under these canvases…..

Oops! Looks like a frog snuck in!

Until next time….

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  1. I saw the peacock without the peacock.

    When is your moving date again? I think you need projects or may start redecorating here.


    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Yes! I need to get moved in and start my projects there. I am going crazy! We are supposed to be moving on the 26th….not sure if that is going to pan out yet or not but hopefully within the next week at least.

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