Take Me Out To The Ballgame…Or The Horse Race!

Okay I’ve got my coffee and I’m out on my front porch watching my kids play in the sprinklers while I look through some more old pictures. Y’all are gonna love some of the ones I found!

I thought I’d show #3 some of the pics earlier today and not only did she not believe that our house ever looked like that, but she was pretty tickled that her room was amongst them and she wanted me to show y’all her room next.

If you missed my last “before and after” post, you’re gonna want to check it out. I showed pics of what my master bedroom looked like before and what I did to it.

Here it is! It was clearly a boys room and it’s not very big, however the very dark blue wall didn’t help to make it feel any bigger. Also having the bed sticking out into room the way it was didn’t help either.

At the foot of the bed was a train table and posters etc.

And here we are looking back at the doorway. To the immediate right of the dresser in this picture, is the very small closet. When we first moved in, #3 was sure this could not be her room because it was a boy’s room! She has gotten better at visualizing changes as she has matured a little.

Standing in the doorway of her room, this is what we ended up with. The walls are a soft gray, the trim is a slightly deeper taupe gray. For some time I had the wall behind her bed in a coral pink color which she really liked but we painted it the same gray color when we staged the house for sale.

My sweet #3 has inherited her mother’s love of horses and we have begun incorporating more in her decor around her room.

Her bookcase is a basic white bookcase but I made it a bit more custom by painting random soft green stripes on the backing board before putting it on the back.

Her bed is a gorgeous antique from my favorite consignment shop in the local area. I’ve added lots of white like the small butterfly table and the curtain panels to brighten the space and make it appear larger.

I think all in all we did a pretty good job of changing this over from a boys baseball room to a little girls oasis. She has loved it SO much, that she advised me she wants the same colors in her next room! I’m trying to convince her that a new room is the perfect opportunity to try out a whole new look but perhaps she doesn’t take after her momma as much as I thought after all! Haha

I did have a lovely sparkly little chandelier in her room as well but I removed that before we put the house up for sale because it was a gift and so we wanted to take it with us for her new room.

What fun it is to take trips down memory lane!

Until next time…

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  • Cindy

    I think you did a great job. Some adults have no vision so your daughter is ahead of the game.

    Love the quilt and bed.


    • stilettosandshiplap

      Yes, she likes to pretend she is designing a space with me and “talks the talk” using all the big terms she has heard since she was a baby. She loves to play computer games with me where she is designing spaces and gets me to help her choose various elements. It’s fun getting her more involved in her spaces as she matures which is why I think she would really enjoy trying something new as well.

  • Emily

    Wow! Such a dramatic change! Such a perfect little girls room! I can hardly wait to see what her new room, in your new house, looks like!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      I can hardly wait either! She still insists that she wants it the same as this room. We shall see….

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