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How Much Do You Really Know About My Bedroom?



Have you seen it ever?

There’s a good reason for that. Want to see what it is?

If a picture is worth a thousand words I think this one should be worth a couple thousand at least. Don’t you?

In my defense, this was before I arrived on the scene. None of this is my stuff. Not even the lumps in the bedding. That bookcase on the right did stay though and believe it or not it’s still on the scene. You would never know it now, however. The ensuite bathroom is to the left. You can see the doorknob here.

Don’t you just love a good before and after session?

Me too!

Let’s grab a fresh coffee and maybe even a snack cause I have some good ones for you! I’ve spent hours combing through millions of pics to find all these so I’m feeling especially self-sacrificing!

See that wall just to the left of the double doors? That’s where my fireplace is now. Just to give you your bearings when you see the “after” pics.

That’s the walk-in closet straight ahead with the double entry doors just barely showing off to the right.

Okay drumroll please! Ready? Set?

First I used your basic drywall plaster to smooth out the orange peel texture on the walls, leaving a little texture but just very subtle. Then I primed. Finally I painted the walls Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray. It is the perfect soft greige color.

Our bed is a king size and I haven’t found a bed frame that I like just yet but am looking. Until I do I haven’t wanted to buy a bedskirt because depending on what I end up getting it may or may not allow for one and those babies aren’t cheap – at least not the ones I like!

These are my nightstands on either side of the bed. I gave them a lovely makeover quite some time ago now. You can see that process HERE.

The plan was to put a chandelier in here (because EVERY room deserves one of those) but I hadn’t gotten to that yet and won’t bother now that we are moving from this place. The next owners can enjoy looking at this extra stunning boob light!

I fell in love with this painting the moment I saw it!

The lamps on the nightstands are my recent thrift store treasures that I made over!

I love all the light in this room from it’s two large windows. For staging the home to sell, I got some simple striped panels to put up at the windows and hung them with rings and clips rather than the rod pocket. This allows them to slide on the rod better and I just think the look is a bit classier. They are partly sheer. Since they are staying with the house it doesn’t matter but if I was taking them with me, I would have gone with a different style for the window treatments.

This is the view standing basically in the bathroom doorway. Remember the before pics? That single door is the walk-in closet.

This dresser is another furniture makeover I did some time ago while The MR was away and surprised him with it upon his return. I do that a lot. Not just with furniture either. Often with parts of the house torn apart.

I have a thing for the ambiance that a fireplace adds to a space and The MR has a thing for the heat they add. We put this electric fireplace in the Master bedroom right away and love it! It adds something to the space and it’s perfect to anchor this wall as well as create a focal point. Of course it will go with us.

I saw this embellished canvas quite a few times before I broke down and bought it. Every time I saw it I tried to think of a spot that I needed it for so I could justify buying it and FINALLY it came to me! What a relief!

I hope you enjoyed that little bedroom tour. Now I’m off to find some more old pics to show you of some other spaces in this house and what I’ve changed.

Until next time….

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  1. Very nice indeed Tara.. Love what you’ve done and those night stands has my jaw dropped! 🙂

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      You are too sweet, Teresa! They were lots of fun to make over.

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