Bloom Where You Are Planted

Wow! Time sure has gotten away from me. I can’t believe I’ve accomplished so little in the past week. All around me people are talking about all the projects they are working on and all the spring cleaning and organizing they are doing while spending all this time at home, thanks to COVID-19. Just hearing about all their productivity makes me want to take a nap! 🙂

I can’t deny each day that goes by feels more and more like spring and makes me long for the day that I can begin planting some things and enjoying that fresh dirt smell.

That being said, one of my favorite ways to bring spring inside my home, is by throwing clay pots here and there as part of my decor.

I used paint to make these SPRING pots that I styled on my mantel last year.

I’ve often incorporated clay pots into my tablescapes around this time of year. Last year I made one featuring pots and a bird and nest, this year I combined pots and flowers.

Clay pots even show up just sitting on a shelf here and there, around my home.

Yesterday I decided it was time to change the things I had on my French Buffet, since they’d been there for quite a while. Of course the perfect thing to make as the main feature was clay pots!

Some of the pots are natural while some have been weathered using paint. I’d love to say that some of these pots are truly old and weathered but alas, I haven’t found any like that yet. I am on the lookout, however, and am regularly envious of some of the beautiful specimens my friend, Emily has.

I think the piece of scrap metal with the sweet little bunny that my friend Melanie painted for me, is the perfect addition to a spring vignette like this.

Shortly after I finished putting this together yesterday, the sunshine hit this spot and just shone so beautifully over the whole thing. I think it approved of my attempts at capturing spring vibes inside.

Just looking at the sunshine and these pots and succulents makes me feel a little better.

Excuse me while I go start my spring cleaning! 🙂

While I do that, how about you head over to Emily’s house and admire some of the amazing clay pots she has that I was telling you about! Just click the photo below.


  • Emily

    I love your collection of pots!! You have displayed them in so many darling ways!! You are so talented!! Such a perfect post for the official first day of spring!!!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      You’re the best! It definitely makes me feel like spring is here even if the temperature outside begs to differ 😛

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