A Festival Of Fall Color: Thrift Store Challenge

Show of hands – who has seen one of our monthly Thrift Store Challenges before?

Oh good! So you know the rules, right?

Well just in case you forgot some of them – we each purchase an item (s) from a Thrift Store, Garage Sale, Flea Market or something found on the side of the road. Basically something second hand that we get for an incredible price. Then we do whatever creative thing we want to do with it to breathe new life into it and style it in our homes.

This month Emily and I are joined by Danya and Jodi. I’ll put links to their blog posts at the bottom of this post.

Without further delay – here is what I found.


A paper mache pumpkin. Something you can’t see is the small hole in the other side of it. It was a real prize BUT the price was right!

First I chalk painted it. Two coats.

Now originally my plan was to decoupage some paper napkins on it but I wasn’t able to find any paper napkins that I liked so I had to go with plan B at the last minute. Paper doilies.

I decoupaged some full, round, paper doilies onto my pumpkin randomly to cover larger spaces.

Then I cut out the main middle part of the doilies so they sort of resembled a snowflake. This would allow me to cover the curving shape of the pumpkin better without having to make cuts in the doilies which would show seams on this large of a pumpkin.

A generous squirt of Elmer’s glue on each snowflake…

And a wide artists brush to decoupage each piece on.

Here it is all covered.

I wanted something a little more glamorous than just the white pumpkin, even though it ends up looking like lace. I grabbed these neat gem stickers recently when I was at Dollar Tree knowing they would come in useful at some point.

After some fun with the stickers (my youngest daughter even got involved with that part) it was time to style it.

I decided to create a grouping of pumpkins on my coffee table.

A few stems…

And some candles…

And it fits in just perfectly, in my opinion. So perfectly cozy with just a little bling!

Now for the other participants. Just click on any of the photos below to go straight to their blog posts.

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See you again next month for our Thrift Store Challenge.

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