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Have you got your home all decorated for fall already?


That’s great! Maybe I can help.

Maybe you got out those bins of fall decor and took a look at the leaves and the pumpkins and things that stirred your soul last year and just didn’t feel anything this year.

Yup! That would be what happened to me!

Nada! Zilch!


Now what?

Never fear! Chalk paint is here!

Clearly I am not showing the brightest of the pumpkins that I could have shown but the sort of yellow one is an original color and the white (actually Ivory) ones are already painted one coat.

I had quite a few of these randomly shaped small pumpkins that I had gotten from Walmart for I believe it was $.97 each last year in a variety of colors ranging from the yellow, to white with green on them, to a deep almost maroon color.

I got out my Waverly chalk paint which is my favorite inexpensive, easily obtainable chalk paint, and gave these bad boys a good coat.

Followed by another coat. It only took 2 coats to cover most of them.

I also decided to try and make the stems look a little more realistic so I painted those with Waverly chalk paint in Hazelnut.

This is just a close up to show you the color and details.

Next I took Waverly chalk paint in Mineral and dry brushed it into the grooves in the pumpkins to add some definition and make it more realistic.

The final step was to take a very dark brown, nearly black, and dry brush some onto the stems to also give them some definition and make them more realistic as well.

These have not been waxed or coated with any sort of finish in the photos. I would highly recommend a matte spray poly to seal them and allow them to be lightly cleaned, as needed.

Obviously you can paint your pumpkins in absolutely any color combination your heart desires to go with your decor. I’m feeling a neutral and very natural palette this year with lots of whites and maybe a little blush here and there…..how about you?

I’m liking these ivory ones mixed in with my grapes and artichokes.

Until next time…

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  • Cindy

    These turn out great Tara. I have done this to some of my smaller pumpkins over the years. Chalk paint is the best isn’t it? I’m getting my groove on this weekend.


  • Emily

    You really transformed these pumpkins!! They look amazing!! Paint is magic and can transform almost anything!! Loving these so much!!!

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