Clearance Challenge: It’s Amore

I can’t wait to show you my clearance finds for this month! I had checked my usual places and come up with nothing and, as usual, I had left my search until way too close to the deadline for this post so I was getting a wee bit nervous.

I mean – how would it look for one of the hosts to not be able to participate because she had…NOTHING? ?

My last try of the day was Hobby Lobby before I needed to get back home and get some chores done that I had been avoiding. Luckily, Hobby Lobby was good to me!

The Rules

If you are new to this challenge, each month a group of bloggers challenge ourselves to find something on clearance, spending no more than $15 total. Then we must show what we did with the item(s) to make it usable in our homes if need be and how we styled it.

Pretty simple, right? I’ll link everyone’s blog posts at the bottom of this post for you.

My Finds

Ta da!

Aren’t they lovely treasures?


You think I’m nuts except for the little flower thing with the bee on it and what is that anyways?

Fine then! I guess I’ll have to show you.

The Makeovers

I actually thought this little shelf bracket was pretty cute as it was and would look cute sitting ON a shelf as decor. Weird? Maybe. But I’m okay with that. And it was only $1.99

This also was okay just as it was and was such a steal at $1.99. It had a tiny hook on the back so apparently they felt it should hang on the wall but I didn’t. I saw great things in store for it as something else!!!

I’m sure lots of people would have hung this on a wall and been done with it and it would have been just fine.

I’m not lots of people.

It didn’t do anything for me like this.

But it was sorta cute and it had potential to be much cuter and it was $4.99

If I haven’t lost you so far, then this should do it ?. These lovely chunky cabinet knobs were originally $6.99 and I got them for $1.74 each! I got 3 of them!

I had such plans for them but it was going to require the help of something else I got from Goodwill.

I bet the knobs make a lot more sense now!

Time to break out the paint!

I sanded the sign board very well making sure there were no ridges where the words had been painted when I got it. I also filled the holes where the nails had been.

I painted two coats of chalk paint in a white color and stenciled over it in a cashew color. I started with the center stencil and worked out from there to make sure the pattern lined up nicely.

Lastly I gave it a light sanding to age it all and finished with a good coat of white wax.

I marked the middle of the board and then the middle of each side section as well and equal distance from what would be the lower edge. Here I drilled holes to attach my cabinet knobs.

On the back, along the top edge, I secured a means of hanging it. I used a picture hanger that was tested to withstand plenty of weight since this is planned to hold towels.

Here she is ready to hang! I can’t wait!

You can see a sneak peak of one of the other pieces that also got a paint makeover too!

Styling My Finds

Ready for the big reveal?

I know I am!

One day I will have a different style of shelf here in my Master Bathroom. One that suits my taste a little more. Until then, this one will have to continue to make do.

I added the shelf bracket to it. See? I told you it would be cute! ?

And since we’re already in the Master Bathroom, let’s take a look at the towel hooks. I purposely left it empty so you could see it properly. You’re welcome ?

So something that tickled me is that this little flower and bee “thing” has a hook on the back as I mentioned before so clearly it’s meant to be hung up. However it indicated on its manufacturing label that it was for a candle ?. I was having a grand laugh picturing how you’d put a candle in it with it hanging on your wall.

Of course just because I like to think outside the box I saw something else altogether for it’s use.


Good!!! ?

Have any ideas come to mind of how a person could use it?

Just a thought…..?

This suits me so much better in distressed white than in black.

Also, I instantly thought of putting it on my dresser when I saw it rather than on a wall. For now.

Isn’t paint miraculous?

The Other Bloggers

Thanks for stopping by for another Clearance Challenge. Below are the links to all the other bloggers who participated and my co-host for this challenge, the amazing Emily! You won’t want to miss their finds. ?

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Until next time…


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