French Vintage Friday: Rotary Egg Beater

Do you like items that are both collectible and useful?

I do.

I love to have manual kitchen accessories around for those times when you want to make something and the power is out.

Where I have lived that’s not unheard of in the winter.

There’s something to be said for the way things used to be. Then we thought we were so smart and made everything electric.
And fast.

And loud.

And useless without power.

Personally I think the ones who were smart were the ones who came up with this idea, or something very similar.

I haven’t had occasion to use it yet but I could if I needed to. Meanwhile it looks pretty cute as part of my decor. 😉

It pairs perfectly with this vintage mixing bowl.

And they look just right nestled amongst my ironstone dishes in my dining room.

Let’s go check out what Emily’s sharing this week!

Emily’s Post

Click the image

I’m swooning already! Until next time…


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