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Favorite Things Friday – Cinnamon Pinecones

Is all the turkey and stuffing out of sight yet?  I didn’t say gone because there are the inevitable leftovers for days afterwards, but at least all sealed up in the fridge?  Is all your fall decor out of site and packed up yet or do you still have some “Fallmas” going on in your home like I did until a day ago?

I had planned to have this post published long ago but as you likely know firsthand, sometimes the best laid plans… does that saying go?  Anyways, I was up bright and early this morning….early anyways.

It wasn’t bright and I certainly wasn’t bright.

What on earth should I try to accomplish at 4:30 in the morning anyways?  Should I decorate something?

Clean something?

It hit me that I should write my blog post for Favorite Things Friday and be ahead of schedule!  Perfect!

Not perfect!  My internet was down.  I mean, really?  What are the chances?

Let’s just say it was sort of a bit of an indication of how the rest of my day was gonna go and even my internet wasn’t working again until a very short time ago.  I won’t bore you with all the details but I WILL tell you what made my day get just a little bit better!

Cinnamon pinecones.

I’m not kidding.

I was out rushing around grabbing some groceries for the weekend since I only rarely have a vehicle when The MR has a random day off here and there, and I smelled them before I even saw them!

If there is one thing that says Christmas and winter to me more than any other one thing, it would have to be the smell of cinnamon.  It just gives me all sorts of cozy feels.  I imagine a crackling fire, cozy afghans, hot apple cider, long evenings to sit and read or watch romantic movies cozied up with the one your heart beats for….where was I?  Oh right!  Cinnamon!

I think cinnamon added to anything makes it more of a comfort thing.  Hear me out…..imagine hot apple cider with no cinnamon.

Sticky warm cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven….but no cinnamon.

Warm apple pie dripping with cold vanilla ice cream….but no spicy cinnamon flavor.

I don’t know about you but I kinda think I’m in love with cinnamon.

And don’t get me started on cinnamon pinecones!  I mean – they can be put just about anywhere and singlehandedly make Christmas in your home.  You can close you eyes and see it all.  You don’t even need to decorate or put up a tree as long as you have cinnamon pinecones!

Okay maybe I went a bit too far there.  Life without seasonal decor would be just about as awful as life without cinnamon.  Almost.

Let’s just say you can expect to see a few pinecones here and there as I unveil my winter decor!



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  1. My favorite too Tara. I wondered if you put cinnamon essential oil on pinecones if the smell would last.

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      It would be worth trying. I don’t see why not.

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