Project #1: Kids Bathroom – The Plan

After much thought and discussion, Emily and I have decided that we will start our new list of projects by tackling our kids bathrooms!

Not because it’s the thing that needs the least amount of work or will take the least time or money to complete. Oh no! Quite the opposite! It’s probably the most extensive of all the projects on our list, or close to it, and that’s how we roll!

We both love a challenge!

We thought we’d start by letting you in on our plans for these spaces. 🎶 Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. 🎶

Now that you’re all humming songs from The Sound of Music with me, shall we begin?

As you might recall, this is what I’m working with. It’s super small, really only a bathtubs width larger than my “elevator shaft” powder room downstairs. 😄

No window so lighting isn’t great here either.

I’ve conveniently NOT photographed much of the ugly vinyl flooring on purpose but suffice it to say it’s the same ugly vinyl that was in my kitchen and powder room, and is still in my laundry room and master bath!

The Plan!


I mean – I have to put some Shiplap here and there around my home to stay true to my name, after all 😉

I’m planning to Shiplap all the walls of the bathroom to make it appear larger and the Shiplap will be painted a beautiful shade of white to brighten the space.


Light fixtures, faucets, hardware etc will be black with a vintage feel to them.

I haven’t completely made up my mind yet whether I will do the floor mostly black or mostly white, but I do know I want an Arabesque Moroccan Tile pattern and more than likely I will be doing more white due to the size of the bathroom and the lack of lighting in there. The black is appealing since it is a kids bathroom however 😄

Now for the fluffy bits!


A black and white ticking stripe shower curtain


Gray towels


Now I’m not saying these are the exact things that will be appearing in the kids bathroom, but it gives you the concept of what’s in my head and the vision I have for this space.

In a nutshell, (which is pretty much the size of the room I’m working with 😄) very classic colors and styles and a timeless, vintage, gender neutral space that can appeal to young and old alike!

Well? What do you think?

Let’s go see what Emily has planned for her kids bathroom!

Emily’s Plan


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