French Vintage Friday: Amber Glass Serving Dishes

Welcome back to another edition of French Vintage Friday! Each week Emily and I share something french, something vintage or a little of both. It’s been so much fun since we started it.

It really makes me think outside the box to try to see what I’m going to share each week. For example, I have some things that never even occurred to me are vintage until I really started thinking about how old they were.

Like my amber glass compote and candy dish.

I don’t care for too much amber and browns and golds in my home but there is something about amber glass that gets a pass from this “rule”. I love the little amber glass bottles and certain serving dishes like this one.

Most of the time this little darling hangs out in my bookshelf that has become more like a hutch in my dining room for the past while.

Occasionally I will put them in my open cabinets though.

I had some fun with my winter decorations….

They fit right in perfectly.

But my FAVORITE time to use them is…

…is in the fall!

Thanks for stopping by.

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