Flavors Of Fall

I did something really fun this week! Wanna hear about it?

Oh good!

Grab a chair and sit beside me.

I got to work with some incredibly creative people this week. I use the word “work” loosely. We weren’t in the same room, didn’t handle any of the same items, couldn’t shout back and forth to each other and in fact weren’t even in the same state.

But it was still fun.

Each day from Monday until Friday, one of my clever friends shared a fall DIY craft with us on their Instagram stories and saved it to their highlights. It was so exciting each morning checking to see if anything had been shared in stories yet from the person whose turn it was. Had someone done something just like what I was planning to do? Nobody knew. We didn’t share what our plans were at all.

I’m going to share my project with you here but at the end of this post I will share pictures of the other amazing projects and I’ll link them to the Instagram accounts so you can see how they did it all, if you like. You aren’t gonna want to miss any of them!

So my original plan started a little differently but basically I wanted to make a wooden sign that had something to do with fall. You see these adorable pumpkin patch signs and things all over the place and I wanted something along those lines that I could use for my mantel or on a shelf or even hang on a wall if the mood strikes.

When plan A went south (for the winter?) I switched over to Plan B the morning of my day to share. I was keeping my fingers crossed that there didn’t have to be a Plan C! I didn’t want to be embarrassed by being the rotten apple of the group. They were a tough act to follow!

I took some wooden cutouts that made me think of fall and I painted them different colors.

I got mine at Hobby Lobby but I often see little wooden seasonal shapes at Dollar Tree also or of course Walmart.

I briefly considered making everything black and white but in the end I added some color to some of the leaves. Just some rose gold, some muted green and some white. I wanted it to remain fairly neutral but show some of the warmth of autumn.

I also got this wooden cutout saying at Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately somewhere between the store and my house, it got broken in the bag. I was pretty sure it would still work though and I wasn’t really in the mood to go back to the store to replace it.

I used Rub ‘n’ Buff in Gold Leaf on this. I mean – what else would I use? Every project needs to have a little Rub ‘n’ Buff somewhere! lol

Then it was simply a matter of putting it all together with just a tiny dab of hot glue here and there.

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with little twinkly lights but there’s something about the colder months of the year that just makes them a requirement!

You can’t even tell that the words were broken unless you know where to look! Not bad if I say so myself.

For the moment, it’s nestled amongst some soft greenery on my mantel but we all know that will only last for a short time before I have to move it some place else.

What can I say? I get bored easily…..

For More Inspiration…

Check out these amazing projects! Just click on any of the pics below to go straight to the Instagram account of the clever creator of it. You will then just need to look for the highlight that will show you video of all the details of how they made each thing.

Mariah from worcester.run
Jessica from jessica.bsimmons
Emily from le.cultivateur
Dylan from dylankadeduke

Thanks for stopping by, sweet friends.

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