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Favorite Things Friday: Front Porch Sittin’

It’s that time of year.

All you really want to do it hang out on the front porch and drink iced drinks and chill.

Of course it helps if you have one of those big old southern porches. They just make the ice colder and the swings cozier and the sky bluer, don’t they?

I don’t have one of those so I have to incorporate some little extras to create some ambiance on my front porch. I thought I’d share some of my ideas with you.

Patio String Lights

You can never have too many strings of lights around, in my opinion. You can get these in white or black and you can also get different shaped bulbs. I think the fat little bulbs are cute but then so are the Edison style bulbs.

String them along the roofline, drape them back and forth across the porch ceiling, criss-cross them from your porch to nearby trees if you have some. Make your porch twinkle and dance!

Outdoor Curtains

Curtains can come in very handy to create a sense of privacy, especially if you have neighbors close by or if you want to block off a less than perfect view – like maybe that afore-mentioned neighbor who doesn’t believe in mowing their lawn! (True story….maybe they plan to get a goat?)

You can get completely sheer ones or partially sheer ones. Have them fully closed or tied back to frame the opening. Either way they are sure to create some drama and create a wonderful soft backdrop to your porch sittin’ !!!

Acacia Wood Patio Swing, White
Wooden Porch Swing, White

Let’s not forget the most important thing! A porch swing! You can have other types of seating but if you want a true southern porch sittin’ experience you MUST have a porch swing. Preferably a wood one although iron or wicker will do.

My preference is white because it just has that southern feel but to be honest I’m about to embark on a repurposing diy project where I will be making a porch swing from something else (yes, I will show y’all the process) and it won’t end up being a white one because of what I’m making it out of…..

With either of the above swings or pretty much any other swing I would get some really stout rope and either use that instead of the chain to hang the swing with or wrap the chain with the rope. I just think it adds so much to the look of the swing for very little expense.

Libbey Acapulco Pitcher Set

Obviously once you have your twinkly lights, your comfy swing, your curtains blowing in the soft breeze, you need your iced sweet tea!

That means you need the perfect pitcher to serve it in and yes, the shape does matter! In my humble opinion this pot-bellied shape is the perfect one for long afternoons on the porch with fresh lemonade or sweet tea. This particular set comes with 4 glasses.

Reversible Outdoor Area Rug, w/ carrying bag

Lastly, I wanted to share these area rugs with you. Perhaps you have a raised, wooden covered front porch. If so, I salute you and I will come by soon to hang out with you and admire your porch.

Personally I have a concrete slab running the length of the front of my house. At least it is covered and I do enjoy spending a lot of time out there.

That being said, not only is the concrete slab ugly and gray, it is at the same level as the front flowerbeds and was not exactly graded properly when it was poured so it has a tendency to have pooling water from the sprinklers in the flowerbeds etc. That causes ugly stains on the concrete which makes it even less attractive than it was to begin with!

Obviously creating sitting areas complete with area rugs is a must for me which also covers the ugly concrete but because of the tendency for water to sit on my patio, carpet area rugs aren’t a good option. Enter these fabulous area rugs!

This one comes in a variety of sizes, is reversible and can be swept or sprayed clean with your water hose. It’s perfect for the type of front porch I’m dealing with and I suspect some of y’all are in the same situation as me or perhaps have an open deck area that you want a rug for. These are perfect!

With it’s handy carrying bag you can roll it up and take it with you camping as well.

I hope these products and ideas have helped you out some and maybe you can add a couple things to your front porch to enhance your porch sittin’ experience this season!

Until next time!

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  1. Such a fun fave post, Tara! So blessed to have you at Tuesday Turn About! We missed you!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Oh thanks so much, Julie! I missed participating and blogging too! Thankfully I have enough things unpacked now that I can get back to my projects and blogging again.

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