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Favorite Things Friday – Copper Obsessed

I’ve shared my favorite copper colander with you HERE, and if you’ve followed me for long you’ve probably figured out by now that I have a bit of an obsession for all things copper!  To be honest I don’t have an overabundance of copper in my home….at present….but I am working to change that!


Well….sort of.  I don’t ever want an OVER abundance of anything in my home but I want to come really close to it with copper.

But just not cross that line.  Toes on the line though.

Copper Measuring Spoons

Have a look at these Copper Measuring Spoons.  How much more fun would baking be with these?


Copper Vintage Style Desk Fan

Show of hands…who wants it super hot just so you can use a fan like this?  (I’m raising my hands and my feet)  This Copper Vintage Style Desk Fan is really not a bad price at all!  Not much more than a plain old plastic desk fan and how much better would it do it’s job just because it’s cute?   I’m thinking a LOT!


Copper Battery-Operated Alarm Clock

Anyone else doing a bedroom refresh like me?  I’m pretty sure this Copper Alarm Clock is a must have to put on my nightstand in my Master Bedroom!

Every room deserves a little touch of copper, am I right?

Maybe this alarm clock would even make me want to get up in the mornings.

Maybe it’s magic!

Maybe pigs can fly!


Copper Measuring Cups

If you have the copper measuring spoons, you have to have the Copper Measuring Cups in order for your baking to turn out properly, am I right?


Embossed Copper Mule Mugs

Who else needs these for their tablescape?  Not only are they copper….they are embossed copper for that extra special touch of elegance!


Tall Copper Lantern

I will leave you with this beautiful Tall Copper Lantern.  Keep in mind all of the things I’ve shown you today would also make great Christmas gifts!

Just saying…



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