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Unique Wood Watches – The Perfect Gift This Christmas

Do you have someone in your life that is impossible to buy for?  For any occasion?  I do!  Several in fact.  I’m so tired of getting my dad and The MR the proverbial socks and underwear or ties and things!  The MR is especially picky and has very expensive taste just like I do. Unfortunately I can’t DIY his choices.  I can’t make a set of golf clubs for instance!  Ha!  Long in advance of each occasion that requires a gift, I’m already wracking my brain, trying to come up with the perfect thing.  I’m the sort of person who likes personal gifts. Something the person will really enjoy or will mean something and show how I feel.  I have managed to get something that at least halfway fits the bill so far but it’s really hard!  This year I’ve got you covered!!!!

I was recently contacted by JORD Watches and asked if I would be interested in receiving one of their unique wood watches, in exchange for a review and some photos etc.  I was happy to agree because, to be completely honest, I was fascinated by the concept of a WOOD watch. Say what?  I had seen photos of them prior to this but still couldn’t exactly imagine it.  My first step was to choose a watch.  Not as easy as it sounds.  There are so many color combinations and different band widths etc.  I had to choose my 3 favorites and also which was my top favorite.  At the time I was thinking only of me.  What did I like best….I wasn’t even thinking about The MR but he and I do like similar colors.  Luckily I didn’t choose a feminine color combination….or was it lucky?  Perhaps if I had I would still have a watch!

The first thing I was extremely impressed with when the watch arrived was the packaging. I can’t help it.  I’m a designer.  I notice presentation.  The box was perfectly sized for what was inside and was very simple with the company name in bold letters across the outside of the box.  Want to see what I mean?

JORD Watch package when it arrived

And this is what you get when you open the package.

What’s inside the package?

In addition to an incredible wooden watch, which I will get back to in a minute, you also get this gorgeous wooden storage box to keep the watch in if you are ever NOT wearing it!  It has magnets on the underside of the lid to keep it shut and a tiny little drawer to store the cleaning cloth and spare watchband link in.

I mean the box is so beautiful you don’t even need Christmas wrap.  Just a bow!

Who wouldn’t be excited to see this under the tree with their name on the tag?

Would you like to see what the watch looks like?  You would?  Okay sorry….I’m still swooning over the watch box.

JORD Conway, dark sandalwood and burgundy

The watch I chose  was the Conway, Dark Sandalwood and Burgundy.  It was honestly hard to choose because there are so many pretty ones.  You can find all their watches online at their JORD WATCHES website.  Keep in mind  all of these watches are quite dramatic with fairly large watch faces and wide bands.  Take note of the width of  the band in the description etc when choosing.   There is a section of women’s watches and a section of men’s watches to choose from.

Once you choose, you have to provide a measurement of your wrist but they provide instructions for doing this correctly.  You can also choose to have it engraved on the back if you like which I LOVE if you are considering this as a gift for a special person in your life.  I did not get mine engraved.  The watch comes with a polishing cloth and a special oil for treating the wood band with before you start wearing it and occasionally throughout it’s life.

I followed the instructions to set the watch time and date, put it on and strutted my stuff for a while.  Then The MR came home from work!  He took one look and said how much he really liked this watch and wanted to get a closer look.  I fell for that, took it off and let him try it on.  Now you have to understand that The MR is very tall and slim and actually has about the same size wrists as I do.  Again, another bummer!  It fit him too!  He didn’t want to take it off and I might add that the man has not worn a watch in at LEAST the past 5 years or so.  Now suddenly he wants to wear a watch!  This watch!  I couldn’t believe how much he was impressed by it because he isn’t easily impressed.  I think that’s why I caved.

I told him that if he would give me credit for this as his Christmas gift, then he could keep it.  He had one stipulation!  I couldn’t take it back and wrap it and put it under the tree, he wanted to be able to have it and wear it starting immediately.  Done deal!  One MAJOR gift off my list!

So back to where we started… You know that person you are dreading having to come up with something to get for Christmas?  I’ve got the perfect gift idea…..You’re welcome!  Need more incentive?  How about the fact that JORD watches is offering a GIVEAWAY where one lucky winner will get $100 off the purchase of one of their fabulous wood watches?  You know what’s even more incredible?  Every person will get a 10% discount just for signing up for the giveaway.  So everyone is a winner!

To enter the giveaway, click HERE




I received the JORD watch free of charge but all of the details and opinions provided are my own.

Wooden Wrist Watch

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