Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Or at least winter. Truth be told there are only a couple things around my home that are specifically “Christmas” and all the rest pass as just winter and that’s how I roll for the most part.

After Thanksgiving I will put up the tree and add some more specifically Christmas things but for the most part I prefer more seasonal decor than holiday specific decor.

Today Emily and I thought we’d show you how to start adding winter/Christmas to your home as you transition out of fall.

This is the area I decided to start on. As y’all can tell, it’s a bookcase but I clearly don’t use it for that purpose currently.

Now the nativity on the bottom shelf and the Merry Christmas bucket on the top are the only really specific Christmas things here. Otherwise it’s pretty much all just winter seasonal decor that can stay up until I change things out for spring.

Well they could if I wasn’t me anyways…..I’ll never leave it like this nearly that long. I change little things every week because otherwise I get bored 😄

The addition of the light up nativity box, the little winter farm scene and the contents of my amber glass compote dish are the seasonal items here.

I combined some small ornaments, some little pinecone lights (battery operated) and some jingle bells to fill this compote dish.

Okay so I might possibly also have a thing for bottlebrush trees. And small evergreens. And just trees in general for winter decor.


It hasn’t been confirmed.

It’s incredibly simple to tuck a little bottlebrush tree into a bowl or cup or pitcher and it makes a sweet seasonal look.

I also strung a garland on some narrow gold ribbon and draped it around the shelves and trees. I simply randomly tied on gold and silver jingle bells, small sticks and light bulbs.

Ironstone doesn’t need much to dress it up. It’s beautiful on its own. A few flowers never hurt though. These poinsettias are ones I had leftover from another project and have been painted with chalk paint to make them suit my decor this year.

There are some kinds of flowers that I use all year, regardless of the season. Peonies, lavender and hydrangeas are some of them.

I adore string lights and twinkle lights and candlelight…..something about a glow of soft lights. It makes everything so cozy and wonderful this time of year. And that’s a must!

Simple, natural, seasonal touches that can easily be added to some of your existing fall decor and can eventually have more obvious Christmas added if you choose.

That’s all there is to it. I’ll be sharing more really soon. Don’t go far!

Now I have a question for you – have you decided what your theme will be this holiday season? Colors?

I’m envisioning a very natural, vintage feel over here. Lots of neutrals and some touches of pinks. Now you’ll have to keep checking back to see if I accomplish that 😄

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  • Emily

    Tara, everything looks amazing! I could sit at look at all the details for hours! I love the little garland that you made on gold ribbon! Such a darling touch! And you know that I totally love the ironstone and bottlebrush tree!! So much loveliness!!

  • Sue

    I love how you “repurposed” that bookcase- inspiring me to try something similar.
    With the deep freeze we have coming so early this fall, those twinkly little lights are needed to get us through the darkening days.

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thank you! I like using pieces of furniture for something other than what their original purpose was….and a person can never have too many twinkly lights, right?

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