Rustic Winter Wreath DIY

I thought I’d show you a very quick and easy way to make a rustic wreath that can be dressed up a little or left plain for a simple winter decoration.  I made a few of these specifically for my winter decor above my fireplace but you could make them in different sizes for all sorts of different projects.

I started with a wreath base much like this willow wreath from Dollar Tree.  If you’d like to do some small 4″ ones (perhaps for hanging on cabinet doors) here are some grapevine wreaths for an awesome price for a pack of 6!

I took evergreen branches off an evergreen garland I had, leaving 2 full length, cutting about 1″ off 2 more and cutting a final one in half.  One evergreen garland can give you enough material for a myriad of projects!

Place the two longest pieces at the top of the wreath and tuck the ends into the wreath to hold them.

Next lightly hot glue the medium sized branches in a pleasing direction, lightly curling the branches to mimi the shape of the wreath.  I placed the medium branches sticking above the original branches.  Finally place the shortest branches into place, again using a small amount of hot glue just to tack it.  I placed one angled down and one angled up for interest.

Tip:  Having a hot glue gun with a stand makes all the difference.  Easier to grab without getting burned, keeps the hot glue gun off your counter surface, easier to keep clean. This is the hot glue gun I intend to purchase shortly.  Nice design for a good price.

Next I took green floral tape and wrapped it around the ends of the branches and around the wreath form winding it back and forth covering probably about 3/4″ .

I took a length of burlap ribbon, wrapped it around the wreath and folded about 1/4″ under on the end of each ribbon.  Using hot glue I glued the ends of the ribbon together.  This is how I hung the wreaths.  You can make the ribbon any length you like and could even tie a bow at the top to hang it from.

I hung 5 of these wreaths randomly above my fireplace as part of my winter decor.

You could easily add flowers, berries, some winter picks, a bow, an ornament, some jingle bells or any other form of embellishment that you like to these.




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