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Thanks so much for stopping by!  This is the 4th room on my series this week showing you around parts of my home that nobody normally gets to see!  I hope you’ve been enjoying it.  If you missed any of the posts so far, please check them out!

Today I’m going to show you my youngest daughter’s bedroom. It had been a boy’s room before, as you can see.

This room is the smallest of the kids bedrooms. Not by a whole lot, because none of them are very big, but at least both of the other 2 bedrooms have good sized closets in them.  This room has only a very tiny closet which isn’t ideal for a girl but she chose this one because it is the closest to the Master Bedroom!  Currently there is the same non-descript sand colored carpet throughout the upstairs, as there was throughout the main floor before we put the wood in.  It’s in a bit better shape upstairs but still not that great!


We chose a color palette based on her quilt which has a lovely pattern of florals and butterflies, and her crib quilt which was bugs and butterflies.  We painted 3 of the walls in this neutral grayish taupe and the trim in the darker sort of taupe/brown.  On the wall behind her bed we chose a pink grapefruit color from the bedding as a feature.


Originally she had this white bed frame and matching little white sidetable but the idea was always to get her a much nicer bed at some point.  This one was part of a bunkbed and was not overly sturdy!  By putting her bed along the wall it made the room feel bigger and gave her more useable floor space for playing.

I was over the moon the day I walked into my favorite consignment store and discovered this beauty tucked away in the back corner of a booth!  It was an amazing bargain and is in nearly perfect condition!  Even though I had not gone looking for a new bed that day, it had to come home with me.  I’ve considered making this my room because of this bed but The MR didn’t take to that idea at all! 🙂


I added simple white curtain panels at the window and of course there are the room darkening blinds as well.  The ones I have are not currently available but here are some that are very similar and for an excellent price!


In my opinion EVERY little girls room needs a sparkling chandelier in it and this was no exception.  My understanding when I bought this one was that it could be hard wired as a ceiling fixture or used as a plug in chandelier.  When I got it, I discovered it was a plug in chandelier only so for the time being, I have it centered above her bed, just hanging from a hook in the ceiling and plugged in behind her bed.  This is temporary, however.  Its often very hard to find a sweet little plug-in chandelier though so if you are looking for one, check this one out.  It is perfect for a small room or area like this one or would be lovely in a bathroom or closet.


Often she likes to turn on just her little chandelier and not her ceiling light while she lays on her bed and reads to her puppy!  The cute little butterfly wall hanging is from Amazon and it so cute!  Beautiful colors and well made.  IMG_5349

It’s completely impossible to get a picture that has all of her room in it because of it’s size.  This bookcase is nestled between the door to her room and her closet door.  The bed would be on my right and my back was to the window while taking this photo.  This was just a basic, white bookcase that came unassembled.  While putting it together I thought of putting shiplap across the back instead of the cardboard backing, I also considered fabric on the back as I have done with other bookcases but then I settled on painting the backing board.  It was already white so I taped off random sized stripes using my favorite frog tape . Using a tape that is too sticky, would result in tearing the paper backing when removing the tape.  I already had some of this gray/green paint on my paint shelf so I carefully applied it quite thinly, using a foam paint brush . I didn’t want to put the paint on very thickly so that it would soak in to the cardboard backing much.  A couple thin coats and I was done.  I think it adds some interest to an otherwise boring bookcase.


This is the corner across from her bed on the window wall.  The wall hanging is her crib quilt.

Well that brings us up to the end of our tour as to what this room looks like now.  HOWEVER, we haven’t talked about future plans yet, have we?  So keep in mind this room was painted and decorated a couple years ago and she had the same colors and quilt etc in her room prior to this house.  She has changed a lot as kids sadly do so quickly at this ages and has now changed a lot of her likes and interests and favorite colors!  For several months now I have been being asked repeatedly to please change her room and put horses in there!  She is obsessed with horses just like her mother always was….that being said, I am looking at doing the following in the next short while…

  • Repaint the walls and trim – probably a light green to still go with the bedding colors
  • Move the chandelier to the ceiling and hard wire it
  • Get a larger dresser for her room (she currently has a tiny 3 drawer chest inside the closet but now needs more space for longer hanging clothes)
  • Replace some of the decor with horse related decor
  • Take out the carpet and put in wood floor which also means I will need an area rug. Darn!  🙂
  • Find a way of making the bedframe into a kind sized frame.  Haha just kidding!

That’s what is on my radar for now.  I’m sure it will change somewhat by the time it is all completed.  For now, I will leave you with this:


Sugar and spice,

And all that’s nice;

That’s what little girls are made of.


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  • 1farmhouse

    Tara, this little girl’s room is precious! I love that her crib quilt is hanging on the wall, so cute! I get that she wants horses though, seems every little girl does although, having only sons, it was all about dinosaurs for us! Haha

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